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    ED Forecasts Fashion 2013


    December 30, 2012

    Autumn-Winter 2012-13 continues with…

    • Outer Spacious: Convex is the new concave- at least when it comes to falls outerwear silhouettes. Oversize, away from the body coats make a big impact

    • Year Of The Dragon: After seasons of bright hues and prints, fashion turned a nouveau gothic corner

    • Curve Your Enthusiasm: Keep the focus on the waist by adding peplums, panniers and padding to the hips for a va-va-voom impact

    Spring-Summer 2013:

    • The Art of Contrast: Back-to-basics “black n white” will look right after seasons of bright prints and over the top embellishments

    • A Veiled Look: Featherweight and sheer fabrics like chiffon, organza to stay cool in the heat

    • Collage Degree: Any which way you splice it, springs message will be multi-layered, courtesy of patchworks of exotic skins and mash ups of pattern

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