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    Travel More, Pay Less


    January 7, 2013

    Make the most of emerging travel trends. While room rates may decline, this will be balanced by rising air fares. Here are some things to look forward in this new year:

    1. Shooting Air Fares: They will rise to about 5-10% in the Asian Region. But travelling to foreign shores rather than domestic ones will be better. As low cost carriers on the Asian Routes increase capacity, the demand for cities in the region will fly above. Travel Buffs will find these places more affordable than domestic ones like Goa or Kerela.

    2. Cheaper Hotels: Increased Hotel Construction in India will drive prices down 4.5%. Plus, people prefer home stays in popular places like Goa, Ooty or Kerela. So, maybe you should plan to stay at good hotels right now.

    3. Forex Woes: Rupee doesn’t look going down below 50. So, this trend will continue till May- June. It will be difficult to maintain significant and sustain rupee strength until we see an easing of monetary policy.

    3. Car makers Hoteliers: Tonino Lamborghini has ventured into Hotel Business in China. So, we predict Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley to follow. And why not the two wheeler ‘The Hero Group’.

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