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    Blackberry 10


    February 1, 2013

    RIM Now Blackberry;

         Launched New Blackberry Operating System

    Research In Motion, popularly known as RIM and makers of Blackberry phone, on 30 January 2013 announced that it will formally be called Blackberry now. Research In Motion additionally launched two new devices under its own new operating system called Blackberry 10. These two devices are Z10 and Q10. Z10 is a touch-screen device while Q10 is the QWERY portrait keyboard device.
    The new features in operating system, Blackberry 10 :


    There is a new feature in Blackberry 10. It is called Hub. Hub integrates the social network notifications additionally with email and BBM.

    The contact pages which are built in this Hub will show updated information as well as activity. This allows a user to move from one application to another easily through the Hub.

    Writing without Typing

    Another feature is called Writing without Typing. It allows a user to flick the words from keyboard to screen. The keyboard additionally will have in-built multi-language support which is accessible through the gesture.

    BlackBerry Balance 

    The new operating system also has the BlackBerry Balance feature. This feature allows its users to split the phone for official as well as personal uses. This will offer help to the IT managers of various companies who could allow employees to carry one device for workplace and personal use.

    BBM Screenshare

    Another feature called BBM Screenshare allows users to share the screen with the person they are calling. It will help the users in sharing presentations, documents and pictures while also making video calls.

    Time Shift
    Time Shift allows the users to click various pictures at a time so that they can choose the best one later.

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