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    Be a firework – Ignite the light and let it shine


    What would you do if you were an IIM student? Probably get a hotshot job in an MNC earning a handsome salary and living your dream of complete luxury.  But some among us have bigger dreams and different paths because they choose to ignite the spark in them and shoot for the sky by simply thinking out of the box and opening their minds to broader horizons and lots of hard work.

    There are uncountable times that we have felt cheated and taken advantage of when the auto rickshaw driver charged us double the actual amount or took us without the meter, but did it ever occur to any of us to do something about it? Take matters in our hands and make a difference? Well one guy did, Today I read this article in one of the newspapers about this brilliant guy that truly inspired me, I hope this makes all of you out there hoping to start your own ventures to stop just sitting there thinking and get into action.

    Nirmal Kumar, a 2007 batch IIM Ahmedabad pass out comes from a very modest family of Bihar. At a tender age he was struck by polio but he kept the lantern burning and made his way to IIM through all odds. One day feeling cheated by an auto rickshaw driver he decided to take matters in hand and start a cooperative with a few auto rickshaw drivers who used to park outside his institute, his only demand being they sign an agreement wherein they would charge only a fair amount to the customers and in return he would provide them with newspapers and a health and personal insurance.
    For this, first he used his own funds and soon as this venture took pace for further funds he contacted the Gujarat CM Mr. Narendra Modi, who fully supported him and today he runs a Nirmal foundation where auto rickshaw drivers work under a social umbrella brand called the ‘G-Auto’. Now the revenue comes not only from the autos but also from the ads posted on the rickshaws and various other means.

    The ‘G-auto’ consists of more than 10,000 auto rickshaw drivers working under it now in some major cities of Gujarat. They also train the drivers to speak at least 50 basic lines in English, complete information about them including their voter id’s, ration cards ,etc. is taken before hiring and they cover a complete health and personal insurance of each driver aka ‘G-pilots’ and are reachable by pre bookings like radio cabs. It recently got selected in the top 15 candidates for International mobility awards (university of Michigan). They have also started other initiatives like the and nirmal umeed.

    ‘Ab dilli dur nahi’, Nirmal has been in talks with the Delhi CM about the next launch of the ‘G-autos’ in the capital hopefully starting from first week of April with 300 autos in the beginning.

    That was the story of one man, who took a different path and upon himself to take initiative and make changes, there are so many more and more than them so many who are to become, just a matter of stop waiting for miracles to happen instead walking an extra mile and making them happen, making our economy grow with benefits to all.

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