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    Gotta confess?? Log on to Facebook!


    A cooler way to make a confession without revealing your identity has caught nearly everyone’s attention on social media. Started on Facebook, this absolutely mind-blowing feature allows you to anonymously spill the beans of your very personal life. 

    Mostly it is set up by college and school students where the students give away the juicy details of their secret affairs, funny incidents, problems, desires etc. The fad has spread like a wildfire among students flooding their FB walls with thousands of confessions every day, and each page garners a few thousand likes. The idea of anonymous student confession began with the novel series Gossip Girl which later came as a television show also. But it’s funny how everyone worldwide has accepted it so early of its formation on social media. Guess it is the only source into the scandalous lives of our fellow classmates and a treat for the gossip mongers.
    However, the confessor remains anonymous but the person he or she chooses to target gets no such cushion. Hence, security issues, embarrassment, hurtful comments. A few people have chosen it as a platform to defame the other; obscene remarks follow a desire of the other to seek vengeance. These pages are managed by an administrator who again himself remains behind the curtain, so who knows whether the posted content is made up or real. Some pages have also shut down because the content posted was defamatory. Cases of depression and suicide have also been reported which rendered these pages shut. Although the administrators claim to reject those posts which have derogatory remarks or are directed towards a person mentioning their names, but seeing the pages does not seem that they are filtered.
    Will this craze of Facebook confession pages end on a note by government banning these pages on grounds of salacious content or will people mend their ways and not hurt the sentiments of others. Stay tuned on Facebook to know the consequences.

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