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    Kotla pitch plays corrupt!


    India “brownwash” Australia 4-0 as an Aussie friend likes to call it. Yes, finally we did it! A sweet revenge!

    All of us were certainly hoping that India wins the last match of the season but no one knew that the Indian team won’t let the Delhi Wallas take an off on Monday or Tuesday to watch them! They did it in bloody 3 days! 

    But I just hope that the Kotla pitch isn’t banned after this match unlike our politicians. Just the way politicians do not improve after warnings and keep troubling and harassing everyone, the Kotla pitch was no different. On occasions it spun like anything and on some it bounced like hell!

    It spun so much that Ashwin who doesn’t turn the ball by much was turning the ball as if it was Shane Warne turning, ball pitches 3 Feet outside off stump and ends up 2 feets outside the leg stump! 

    And finally the Aussies tried to show their true Colors by trying to sledge our boys but one think they forgot that this is not the same line up that was there 10 years ago who would keep quite, these were young lads ready to give it much harder back to you that you remember it for your life.

    This time even Dhoni came to the party when Warner tried to say something to him and our Dhoni told Watson to keep his boy under control or he’ll have to face the consequences in IPL.

    The only sad part in the match was when after the victory Sachin Paaji started waiving to his fans in Delhi PROBABLY signalling his last match here and hopefully NOT in India.  

    In the end a sweet revenge and well desrved victory, something we all were waiting for!

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