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    Now free roaming in India…


    March 14, 2013


    The beast of huge roaming expenditure will not disturb your pocket any further. Government is keen to start  free National Incoming Roaming service. Free National Incoming Roaming service means that no extra price will be charged on incoming calls while you are on roaming. Not only this, now SMSs will also be free on roaming. You can chat to your friends through SMSs at the same rate- no additional cost. The idea behind the proposal is- One Nation and one sim. You will not have to keep different sim cards for different places, use one number all over the country without incurring supplementary expenditure. Different mobile network companies charge different rates for incoming calls and SMSs on roaming, which are usually high for common man. Many people don’t even pick up their calls when out their respective network coverage area. So people, here’s some good news for you. Now, you can pick as many calls as you want and send SMSs at the same rate. NO EXTRA CHARGES, its free.

    The government is taking all aspects of the proposal such as manner of recovery of cost in case incoming calls are made free to the users, special SMSs tariff packs etc. Special tariff vouchers are also designed for the purpose. ” Trai has floated a consultation paper on it(national free roaming). So when Trai’s recommendation come and after that, we will try to start free roaming before October,” Sibal told reporters on the sidelines of the launch of National Internet Registry(NIR).

    The proposal has been laid before Tria. The government is putting all possible effort to bring this proposal into action. As per the plan, the government aims to start the free National Roaming service by October, 2013. Well, if everything falls into place and if Trai passes the proposal, this new service will add to the comfort zone and will bring smile on the face of millions. Calls rates will fall substantially. Now, talk to your friends and family for longer hours, you need not have to worry about the mounting call expenditure. What do you think of the idea?? Post your comment below about the issue…

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