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    Chavez to be boxed in glass for display


    March 9, 2013

    Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez finally had to give up his presidency after 13 long years of dictatorship when he died of a heart attack on Tuesday. Venezuela plans to embalm his body for eternity. Other world leaders who have been put under the glass for display:

    1.Vladimir Lenin: He was the founder of Soviet Union.His body has been displayed in a mausoleum at Moscow’s Red square.
    2.Joseph Stalin: He was a Soviet dictator. His body was put on display next to Lenin for 8 years after his death and was finally buried in 1961.

    3.Ho Chi Minh: He was a Vietnamese revolutionary.The place where his body is placed in Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination.

    4.Mao Zedong: He was the founder of People’s Republic of China.It rests in the centre of Tienanmen square in Beijing.

    5.Ferdinand Marcos: He was the President of Philippines. His body is in a mausoleum.

    6.Kim IL-Sung: He was the founding father of North Korea.His body lies in Kumsumam mausoleum.

    7.Kim Jong-Il:  He was a North-Korean president and son of Kim Il-Sung. His body was unveiled on Dec 2012.

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    • Arumugam Easwar

      Let the great soul RIP.