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XUV 500: The Magnificent Beast


22 Mar, 2013 1:35 AM


After Mahindra recently recalled 30000 of them (2011 models), many people questioned the class of the XUV 500. Well I got the opportunity to keep one for a week, and in simple terms, it was an offer I could not refuse. 140BHP, 330Nm Torque, a kick-ass entertainment system, and Satellite Navigation all packed into a car costing a modest Rs.15 lakhs(W8 AWD Variant). It is clear why the XUV took no time whatsoever to beat most sales records for cars in its price range.

When I was first offered the car, the only obstacle in my way was convincing my mom. She had a point- why does a college student need a 7-seater, 2.5 ton car to go to college when he can use the metro or take a smaller car like the Swift? Well that worked out and I could not be happier that it did. I love the XUV, it is the best car Ive driven. It also does not feel as big and heavy as it looks like, and is bursting with enough features to make you feel at home.

Some standout features are-
1. Satellite Navigation- it actually works!
2. Bluetooth connectivity- perhaps the most useful feature for me.
3. 6 Airbags.
4. Hill Descent Control- a feature found in Rs.30 lakh+ SUV’s.
5. Touchscreen Multimedia player, including video playback.

The car never ceases to amaze you. One of the most impressive parts is how it pulls through traffic in any gear. Fellow XUV drivers will have noticed how the car lunges forward after 1500 RPM, and can overtake almost anything on the road. The sheer size and brutal look ensures that other cars give you ‘Street Credit’.

Ive clocked 150 km/h till now, and the car did not complain one bit. Its long range 70-litre fuel tank also means that it has quite a long range. The tyres are grippy, and allowed me to do a semi-drift on one bend. There is however a tad bit of understeer, meaning a longer turning radius at high speeds.

The only problem I can think of is the noise the brakes make after a long drive. They are also firmer than your regular car, but do stop you in time. The car is filled with all the modern day safety and security features, and make you feel safe while driving.

What’s best is how you can bully around all those idiotic Taxi drivers who try and boss their way around in their Tavera’s and Xylo’s, cause all those cars feel smaller. In short, its a car that always puts a smile on my face when I’m driving!

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