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    Adolescence: A FUNNY AGE!


    a group of friends hanging out.

    “No adolescent ever wants to be understood, which is why they complain about being misunderstood all the time”-Stephen Fry.

    I am at the twilight of my adolescence and still sometimes ponder over the silliest question, what is adolescence or rather how to tackle adolescence?

    I probably think this the age in which we grow extensively, I mean sexually, mentally,as well as physically.

    It is the age where the word suicide, girlfriend , depression, competition, career hits your head again and again (atleast for me). Friends become more important than family, family that has loved you with open heart starts to embarrass you.
    I call adolescence a funny age because at this very point and time in your life you are being called an adult and the same time regarded as a child, confusing isn’t.

    high degree of pressure may push a growing child towards depression.

    Every adolescent, one time or another encounters the feeling of leaving home or running away into the far world, but as it turns out the far world is nothing but a mere mirage. COMPETITION for a successful life or expectations from family may weigh you down and may start to look like a burden.

    Lets shift our attention to the more fun part. These 7-8 years give you or rather gifts  you with friends that will be on your side for the coming 70 years. At this very age the radius of your dreams is unmatched, we can dream of becoming anything or anyone, from a rickshaw puller (I hope not) to being a business tycoon.

    parents often find it hard to control an adolescent.

    Vulnerability is a very common feature of this age, and as we all know experimentation is standing right behind it. Youth experiment with alcohol, cigarettes or even drugs. This might be true if there is an emotional disconnection between the guardian and the child too. The child is not to be blamed here as sometimes the adolescent does not even know what is going around him or her.
    Parents have to play a very significant role here. They have to guide their children through this tough age, become their friends rather than strict guardians.
    There might (most probably) come a situation where the child might do something which is unethical or may not be accepted by the ‘society’, but what if the teen doesn’t know that particular act is unethical.
    Try not to yell or scream at top of your voice, instead handle the situation as his/her buddy. Make the kid understand that this particular age is the steepest learning curve.
    P.S:Writer says it’s easier said than done!!                                                                                                                        

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