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    Ashtray Of History??


    Recession or no recession, the multi million cigarette industry which has addicts as its consumers never had to worry about falling fortunes. But all this could change.

    The electronic cigarettes, which is a fairly good substitute for conventional smoking poses a serious threat to the industry. The e-cigarettes’ speciality is in the fact that it enables a smoker to inhale only nicotine(the substance which supposedly gives you a kick). The other toxic substances like tar etc in the traditional cigar smoke are not present in these cigars. So effectively it makes smoking(read:vaping) both pleasurable and safe.
    Apart from that, it has no adverse effects for passive smokers also and it aids in quitting smoking.

    Electronic smoking has already become a trend in America with its market share almost trebling this year.

    In India, it is still a novel concept. But,I hope it catches on, so that the film censor board spares us the routine horror of  having to watch gory and sickening pictorial depictions of the perils of smoking before every movie.

    [Warning: The Health Authorities have not yet given it a certificate of being harmless. So, vape at your own risk. It may be injurious to health]

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