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    Coaching Centers: More Cons Than Pros!


    To start off I wanna inform you that I am quite regular to these coaching institutes and have found more problems than solutions.

    In the past seven years there has been a drastic increase in the number of students attending or rather forcing themselves to these money minting institutes. A very interesting fact about these coaching centers is that the age group of students who are interested in taking a part in this “MAD” race is going down by the day.

    For example ten years from now, only those students who were either preparing for an entrance or were in colleges made use of these centers.
    But in a staggering survey initiated by the Indian Statistical Organization there has been a 47% increase in the school students taking admissions into some other centers.

    Some kind of an insane storm has picked up amongst the students of class 10th or 12th to go to the so called ‘BEST TUTORS’ in town. We the students sometimes tend to forget that education is a choice and not something that can be forced upon.

    With a tuition center in every other corner you start to think ‘man I am the one who is appearing for the exams or these people’! 
    Non payment of fees leads to harassment in classes, schedules more rigorous than schools and to top of it these centers consider schools of absolutely no use.
    Tuition is required by only those students who really need them and not everyone, but rather it has become a trend or some kind of fashion statement to go to fancy institutes.
    A student sometimes gets so stressed that the whole concept seems a little vague to him or her. His blind faith sometimes lead to fatal consequences.
    As every academic year is passing, the level of competition is setting new bench marks, cut offs are not getting any lower. So be patient, taking too much stress has never and will never be a solution.
    I hope a day will come where students would stop being dependent on these coaching centers and would come out stronger.
    However having said that I know its not that easy to let go of tuitions but we the future of this economy has to remember that too much of everything can be very disastrous. 

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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