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    If Winter came, could have Delhi’s Summer sat behind ?


    April 3, 2013

    And it’s the time of scorching Delhi heat again. A season where “Banta” takes over steaming “Expresso Coffee”, A season where stripping is morally right (pun intended),A season where  bathing is not once in a fortnight, a season where Ice creams are the everyday diet. Breathing in the National Capital, one never skips two things – the Street food and the Sun that dines along with it. Oh yes, it is Dilli ki Garmi again.
    The first week of march introduced the thunder that we are supposedly to experience by the Surya Devta this year, and by the time April has arrived we know what we have in store and being a college-ite, there is no escapism, Shorts and sunglasses are already in and wet wipes are sold out.
    I asked a few groups of our young kinds that where is that they seek pleasure this summer, and what you find below is what topped the charts.

    Water Sports-
    If anything that is the source of relief is the few hours that you spend in water taking in the natural cool and shredding out all the heat the day forced upon you. “I would like to be active but cool, it is the time for pool.”
    Trip to an Icy Land-
    “Let the exams get over, and we will climb the hills.” Hill stations have always been the one shield summer could never break into and the old school option remains as intact as forever.
    Loose the Gained-
    Time to lose the extra pounds gained this winter. A ‘thing to do’ that would be in every mind, but the embarrassment bars the mouth to speak.  Sincere gratitude to the one who spilled it out.
    Summer Internships-
    Nothing that you will not do, but something you went lazy to do as the “Winter Internship”.  Time to get the experience to add in resume ‘Lazy Bones’.
    Study/Work hard Party harder-
    What winter chills made them miss by caving indoors, they are going to cover It all. Outdoor Parties are a priority this season. Make sure you don’t miss your fun bash.
    For few the here and there glimpses of Rain and Dark Clouds is exactly what is going to make their summers worth it. The little weather surprise is all that takes  to make their hectic day. Not Bad huh?
    If you consider it all, Seems the Delhi Youth has given up all the lazy “lamhes” and are ready for a ‘start fresh’.
    Delhi and summers are not just about the sweat and suffocation, air conditioners and cold coffees. It is about a new season in the No. 1 city of our beloved India. It is about vibrant colors in personality. It is about new arrivals, arrivals of dreamy eyes. New ideas, new agendas. We welcome many, we see off many as well. It is the mark of a new beginning of lives. So let lose this summer and make the best of it.

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