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    Was there a slap in the slapgate?


    5 years ago in the first season of the IPL the very first controversy which emerged was one of the biggest for the Indian Cricket. Harbhajan Singh popularly called “Bhajji” in the indian Cricket team playing for Mumbai Indians as their captain slapped his Indian team mate Sreesanth playing for Kings XI Punjab. Mumbai had lost the match that night and when Sreesanth went to have a handshake with Bhajji, it was brought out that Bhajji slapped Sree.

    No one saw Bhajji slapping Sree on the TV as it wasn’t telecasted. But the whole world saw Sree crying and being very emotional. His team mates w
    ere seen consoling him. 

    Sree holding his right cheek showing he was slapped and crying.

    5 years after that day before yesterday when KOlkatta was playing against Bangalore, Virat Kohli and Gautama Gambhir had an ugly spat. Kohli after being caught by Gauti while going to the dressing room said something towards the KKR celebrating team which ignited Gauti to move towards Kohli with a lot of anger. They were separated by Rajat Bhatia. What this did was not spark of a fresh controversy but bring back what happened 5 years ago. Everyone started relating this incident to the Bhajji and Sree’s incident.

    The fight which broke out between Kohli and Gauti 11th April 2013

    As things started to settle down the next morning i.e. last morning Sreesanth came out all guns blazing on his twitter account.

    He said that he was innocent in what happened 5 years back, he had no fault, was forced to apologise, Bhajji was a back stabber and most importantly he tweeted that he was not slapped but was elbowed by Bhajji and that it was pre planned by him!

    The whole of the media was in puzzle and amazed by Sree’s tweets. 

    He also tweeted that IPL should release the footage of the incident and make it clear in front of the world.

    In the evening when Farooq Engineer Match referee in that controversial match was interviewed by one of the media houses he said that he had himself seen the video and that Bhajji had hit a “BACK HAND” slap to Sree.
    When Senior Judge Nanavati was interviewed who did all the investigation then said he saw a “fore hand” slap.
    By evening every single news channel and there panelists were either amused or too angry about the incident.
    Then around 10 at night came Mr. Lalit Modi’s interview on the most funniest Panel show. He said that there was a slap and Bhajji had been duly punished and there was no need of any more discussion. He also said that he was thinking of releasing the video as he was the only person to have the footage which technically is illegal as he is no more a partof IPL and that footage is IPL’s property. ( yes people I do know some law)

    Now what I really think of this incident is that there are two possibilities to it:
    1. Sree is lie ing right now because he feels tortured that every where he plays people tease him by shouting “Bhajji”, “slapgate”, etc which I did too last week. He hates the fact his name is taken whenever a fight happens between the players and not for any good reasons.
    2. Or whatever happened 5 years back was just for the TRP or was exaggerated for the TRPs since it was the first season and this controversy was bought IPL in the headlines for at least a week.
    But then I really don’t think that the second reason is possible because Bhajji wouldn’t welcome being banned for the rest of the season, lose a million dollars and feel ashamed and mocked in front of the whole world.
    And if Sree is making up stories right now, one thing is for sure that he now has no future with the Indian Cricket team and he has just made things more complicated and lost the bit of reputation he had amongst the fans and officials.
    Now lets just hope that Mr. Modi releases the video soon and everything clears out! And here comes in the news that Mr. Modi has decided not to release the video unfortunately. 

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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