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    Changing styles of lifestyle…


    May 12, 2013

    What comes to your mind when you talk about lifestyle? A lifestyle typically reflects some factors e.g. an individual’s attitudes, values or standard of living.
    The parameters which judge these factors are rapidly changing with the change in economic conditions. With globalization, the world is becoming a small place and individuals now have better access to other economies. Developing countries like India are witnessing swift changes in lifestyle in terms of clothing, health standards and technology.
    India has seen a drastic change in the way people dress up. People now wear clothes based on current trends since it is important to follow fashion and brands. They chose style, fashion and brands over traditional clothing. Everybody is keen on standing out the best among the crowd. Clothes are becoming extremely expensive on one hand, while middle class markets are being flooded by inexpensive; mediocre quality yet fashionable stuff. 
    Though this change in clothing was not seen as a positive change in earlier years of globalisation, the same has been accepted by different classes of society with passage of time.

    Lifestyle does not end at dressing up with branded clothes. The change continues to health and technology as well.


    The newer generation is becoming more cautious about their health. The main reason behind this is to gather attention of other teens. Second is their parents’ guidance on it. Gyms, aerobics, yoga, kick boxing, jazz dancing, etc…people keep inventing newer ways to keep fit and entertained. And health is no longer restrained to the economic status of the person, you would notice all income group people ensuring healthy eating and workout habits. 

    According to a study done in 2002, it was discovered that when a 0-3 year old child has a mother who practices a healthy lifestyle, this child will be 27% more likely to become healthy and adopt the same lifestyle. 

    Technology has become the main feature of changing lifestyle. In other words, our lifestyle controls our use of technology, while technology influences our lifestyles. To begin, technology has changed the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, warfare, transportation, information, medicine, communication, among others.

    Technology has also made it easier for other factors to affect our lifestyles, such as the media. Technology has the power to deliver media to us that can change our values and views on the world, which in return will change our lifestyles. Even an office peon would be carrying a smartphone now in order to be in the loop. 

    By Shivani Sehrawat of ED’s Blogging Battle.

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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