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    An office for Taliban, What is the world coming to?


    YES !! you read it right, indeed, now for some time news has circulated that the Taliban, is opening an office in Qatar under the name of ISLAMIC EMIRATE OF AFGHANISTAN, next they’ll probably form a company and take it public.

    Jokes apart, this office of the Taliban was supposed to facilitate peace talks with the United States however met strong protests on Friday by hundreds of angry Afghans in the capital city of Kabul.
    Afghan president Hamid Karzai also stated that there was no consistency in agreement between the Afghan government and the United States government.

    UK based The Times has reported that the US has given its approval for setting up of this office and feels it will be a viable platform for peace talks and commencing diplomacy. This approval also points
    to the fact that the US recognizes Taliban as an influence in global politics.

    If this office is built, it will be the first time since 2001, when the Taliban lost power due to the US led invasion that, it will receive international recognition in the global forum. However, this office cannot be used by the Taliban to raise funds.

    According to a major objective for negotiations, if the Office is opened will be exchange of prisoners, last year there was a dialogue in which the Taliban proposed freedom of a US soldier in Afghanistan in exchange of the US freeing 5 prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, a proposition which the US did not agree to.

    In my view, such a move is laudable if kept under a strict mandate and watch, opening an office comes with a package of liberties and if unchecked it can be a medium of facilitating various nefarious activities, further opening the office in Qatar is a good move and in my opinion it should be away from Pakistani influence.

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