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    The man of the moment- Sushant Singh Rajput


    August 2, 2013

    He is talented
    His smile kills..His dance floors..

    Yes! I’m talking about none other than the man of the moment, Sushant Singh Rajput. This guy is on a roll and nobody can deny it. After receiving accolades for his fantastic performance in his debut movie Kai Po Che, he managed to bag a YRF production, Shuddh Desi Romance slotted for release on September 6.Rajput born in Patna, moved to Delhi in the early

    2000s where he joined choreographer Shiamak Davar’s dance academy and Barry John’s theatre classes, but the much awaited recognition came with the tv serial Pavitra Rishta where he played the lead role.
    And there has been no looking back ever since. Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4 proved to be the cherry on the cake and the show got him noticed for his superlative dancing kills.

    He is probably the only male actor amongst the current surge of fresh faces in the industry, who does not belong to a filmy background and has managed to carve a niche for himself despite of it. He abides by the mantra “ Passion for your work should be far greater than the allure of fame or money” and that honesty reflects in his work. A man of simple taste , he is as honest in his relationships as he is in his work.

    This year promises to be big for him, engaged to his Pavitra Rishta co-star Ankita Lokhande, he plans to get married after the release of his movie Shuddh Desi Romance. He has also started shooting for his upcoming movie P.K and has been signed on for two other Fitoor and Detective Byomkesh Bakshy.

    So.. here’s to a man who knows how to stand his own ground and doesn’t need a godfather to back him up..cheers! Hope he continues to be an inspiration to thousands out there who still believe in the power of talent over anything else!

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    • Anonymous

      Meh.. :/

      I was hoping for something that we do not already know.

      Writer sir, how gay could you be to write about a guy? And for God's sake, spare us all the horror of reading plagiarized shit from Google and other news sites. Also, what is it with posting random Bollywood information on a website called 'Economy Decoded'. What does the hot body or the dancing skills of this guy have to do with Indian Economy anyway?

      While the Economy sinks, you are happily discussing a random (read completely inconsequential to India's economic future) guy's rising career. Crazy shit. Wow!

      Hope you find something more relevant to write on soon. God bless.

    • apurva rimjhim

      It can perhaps be argued that Entertainment, music, fashion, cars, etc. should not be included in a blog about economics. That we should only talk about the depreciation of a rupee, the ruin of Spain, the black money in every politicians Swiss bank account.

      That is where you are wrong. If you THINK logically, you would realize we are ECONOMY DECODED, not The ECONOMIST, or FORBES. We decode and discuss the constituents of AN ECONOMY, and not just the Indian economy.

      Entertainment as an Industry is taxed separately from all other industries. Every 100 crore+ movie, pays a significant amount in taxes, all of which is income for the government akin to the taxes paid by corporates. All this is revenue, plain and simple, for the government. Each ticket sold earns the government service tax and vat, which is easy money for them, and different state governments as well.Do you think that in a nominal GDP of $1.947 trillion in the case of India, all the revenue comes from corporates? Or do you also wonder how many parts of the economy are liable to tax?

      We target that in our viewers, to show them a lighter side of the economy, not highlighted by others. That is what our 100,000+ viewers have seen, and is what we expect people with a finer sense of judgement to see. We do not obtain the financial information , which is confidential, but do let people know about the existence of different sectors.

      Coming as to why an article on Sushant Singh Rajput has been included, the following economic implications and realities should justify our upload:
      1. The movie made 50 crores on the box office- which was taxed by the government.
      2. The actor, like every player in an industry, gained fame and signed new movies, all of which become cash-cow's for the government.
      3. His marriage to his co-star is media buzz, which would inevitably lead to a sale of the wedding pictures, the amount received therein being taxed as well.

      Also as far as plagiarism is concerned, with all due respect, we are not trade analysts but students primarily and hence our source of information will be Google and other such news sites. We try to present economic information mixed with our own take on how such pertinent information will impact the economy and we believe it is our USP.
      To put it simply, ED decodes an economy, and does not only discuss core-economics. We talk about an economy, which shows why F1 (an event of significant commercial revenue in smaller places like Monaco) is included in our blog. Moreover, strictly sticking to your theme can stagnate you eventually. We combine our efforts in delivering economic information, as well as every thing that makes an economy.

      If you wish to focus on core economic info, pls visit the economy, finance and international relations sections of our blog.

      And for future reference I'm a lady:)
      Thank you for your views :)

    • ED fan

      So basically the anonymous reader here reads through the whole article that he finds pointless in the first place….whosoever u are mate,please grow up….if u dont like it,u are most welcome to leave the page n spare every other living soul of your highly stupid comments

    • Anonymous

      Apurva Rimjhim sounds like a girl to me…that crosses out the highly philosophical of the writer being a gay..
      and well…..with the amount of attention u seem to have paid to the article,everything aftr that seems pointless

    • Anonymous

      *philosophical question

    • Abhilasha Tandon

      @ 1st Comment:

      MEH… :/

      Please don't go to the ENTERTAINMENT SECTION if you dunno how ENTERTAINMENT relates to the Indian or Any other economy for that matter…

      On the other hand i am not surprised by your comment… Since you are the kind of a person who cannot even differentiate if "APURVA RIMJHIM" is MR./MS.

    • Anonymous

      dear apurva.
      you don't need to reply for the criticism u get on your writing.your fan/followers are enough there for that work.

      good work ,keep on

    • Abhimanyu Mehta

      well done apurva… the article is kickass

    • apurva rimjhim

      thank you guys..means a lot :)

    • Anonymous

      Looks like I bruised quite a few egos here. 'Miss' Apurva, I read the entire article hoping for something new and interesting but was majorly disappointed to see the same old non-sense- that answers why I read the whole thing.
      After reading the article, I did not see a point in reading your reply fully. It would be just a reiteration of your article itself. On a not very unrelated note, what WAS the point of the article? That Sushant Singh Rajput is doing well in his career? Isn't that something we already know? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the entire point of publishing an article for public perusal engaging people in some sort of a fruitful discussion? If you want us to know facts and figures, give us the Wikipedia links. And if you want us to revel in the joy of knowing how hot he is, we'd have you know that it borders too much on a PR exercise. Not very credible writing, according to me.
      Also, I noticed certain points written in your reply. Had you written them in the article, I would never have found a reason to comment.
      I see that quite a few people seem to have gathered here to talk for you
      and take your side. Well, more power to you, is all I can say.

    • Ryan R. Johnson

      The general public now decides whatever it desires for entertainment, certainly not the major studios and distributors. At the time you add to that distribution on the web, news, web sites, from gossip to whole films. This is a brand new world. Much of it beneficial, some not.