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    Well, Maybe…


    October 16, 2013

    I happened to skim through the pages of Edward De Bono’s ‘H+’ recently, and I came across the wonderful concept of “Maybe”. Maybe is a beautiful word. Since it is the exact opposite of “absolute”, it keeps all options open and all possibilities alive. With the absolute, a thing is either black or white. Black is black only and loses the possibility of being anything other than black. However, with “maybe” there is the unknown grey mystery. ‘Maybe’ gives hope.

    Since time immemorial, religions have urged believers to seek the one supreme, absolute truth. However, is anything in this world entirely absolute? Hasn’t science proved time and again that everything in this world is relative and only has meaning when compared to a well-defined reference standard.  The theory of relativity put across by Einstein suggested this very concept. Also the surrealist painters painted with this basic philosophy, mocking all things ‘Real’ because they felt that nothing at all was real or absolute. So this led me to think that maybe, there is nothing absolute after all. Maybe, ‘maybe’ is all there is. But who can say for sure? So there it is…maybe…

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