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    Fabence – A Cyber Revolution


    October 3, 2014


    Easy on-line shopping for our lazy generation: You bet! #BedShopping

    A personal stylist: Who would have thought? #HowPosh

    Hunting for the perfect if-looks-could-kill-dress with your B-F-F sitting miles away from you in Timbuctoo: Hell Yeah! #GraceTheGoodLord

    Okay, I have a pretty clutch, now just need to pair it with the best possible jewellery: Well, allow me, my lady (Fabence *wink*) #CourtesyLevel-Unlimited

    Surf, click and hip! : Thoda Hatke!

    So, here is introducing the new stylist in your pocket – Fabence.com – a fresh, youthful take on on-line shopping founded and headed by Anshul Gupta, a humble 2nd year student from SRCC along with his college mate and three top-notch professionals(well, you see the intelligence make up now?). Fabence was born out of his own experiences so he decided to make life a little easier for himself and his fellow teens, by enhancing the feel of online shopping.

    Fabence.com, one would think is quite similar to its other counter-parts like Jabong.com, Flipkart.com, etc., but, no, it’s a tad bit unique.






    It allows users to discover and shop in many innovative and exhilarating ways. At the very basic level, Fabence allows users to search for and discover millions of fashion products from various e-retailers on one platform, i.e., it links us to top online-shopping websites in order to help us expand our horizon for selecting the ideal product (It’s like a shopping mall at home!).#SWAG #SimplyAwesome






    Fabence also focuses on the journey a user makes – from searching for a product, selecting the product of choice and finally making the purchase. Holding your hand, every step of the way, eh mate! It has introduced many firsts in the market by significantly focusing on personalization and adopting a complete data oriented approach – it offers unique features such as ‘Shop with friends’ that allows users to search and discover products together on one platform, therefore, replicating ‘Offline’ experience online.

    So basically, if you’re in a long distance relationship with your best friend or parents and you need some sexy clothes for that fresher’s party of yours, but completely blow at wardrobe selection and have a fashion major mother or chica, well no need to panic ya’all! Because with Fabence, you can shop together and drop together! Check it out! #KeepingFriendshipsAlive





    Addressing the basic problem of not having a fashion stylist with you 24/7, Fabence has created an in-built fashion stylist, which is an intelligence-based system that suggests clothing and accessories specifically matched to the shopper’s physical attributes (body type and complexion) depending on the shopper’s search preference. The website further enables the user to suggest a product to a friend via Facebook or email with the simple click of a button.

    Got a dark complexion? Are you Super Skinny or Nice and curvy? Well, here’s your one-stop shop with a personal stylist who will guide you from Plain Jane to Sexy Serena. #TheMakeOverManiac


    In conclusion, Fabence has really exciting features which are to be implemented ahead and have been inspired by real life problems that people face while buying apparel. Therefore, they believe that, by changing the face of online shopping experiences for one and all, Fabence.com can make a difference and bring about a change in the multiple minds of those who still hold doubts regarding the cyber-shopping world and break free from their pre-conceived notions of being stuck in a pre-historic timeline; where LOL still means Lots of Love! *Sarcasm at its best*

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