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    Insignia 2k15’s Oh-so-amazing Moments!


    March 10, 2015

    The Battle for Supremacy has seen the dawn of rising Knights, mindful valour and tethering strategies. As the flag flies high, the final trumpet resounds the glory of the strongest legion.

    Battling through mind numbing tasks, riddled theories, unprecedented twists and weaponised words, the Warriors have emerged from the dark to stamp their ‘Insignia’ in the destructive chaos of the present.

    A conquest which delved into the snarls of doubts and explored the mysteries of our historic past, made sure that only the very best Warrior would be turned into a legend. Recreating history and having an unwavering courage in the battlefield, the Warriors proved their mettle at every step.

    So as we move towards the final chapter of this edition, we hope that this dark yet adventurous journey tested every skill you possessed to the very core and made Insignia an experience of a lifetime!

    Here’s a sneak peak into the oh- so- amazing moments.
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