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    Bollywood Diaries: Then and Now


    May 14, 2015

    Movies. Films. Cinema. The ultimate source of entertainment, especially in a country like India, where cinema is but an embodiment of celebration that the cultural blend is! Hence, show business is one of the most lucrative businesses of the country. Yes, and Bollywood is the cash cow that milks them money beeches!

    It’s been a century that we’ve crossed since the first Hindi film came into being and a lot has changed ever since. We tell you how…

    1. THE HERO:- 



    The ‘hero’ of the movie was once expected to enter the screen with his uniform on screaming at the top of his lungs: “Main aa gaya!’’ (and sometimes addressing his mother, too)



    And now, if the first shot doesn’t focus on the six pack, the film wouldn’t be, as we’d put it- paisa vasool, now, would it? And you get to drool over all them chiselled bodies! (I mean, we’re still talking about entertainment only)

    2. INSULTS:- 


    maxresdefault (1)

    We’ve seen the era where the hero was supposed to insult the villain in the politest  way possible to an era where he’d call the villain a kutta, kameena (hey, writing this is allowed, right? ‘Kaminey’, anyone?) and wouldn’t even mind drinking his blood.



    And now, slangs like ‘B*%#*^&#*d’ and ‘DK- Bose’ are acceptable, too (Reference: Gangs of Wasseypur)

    3. THE LADIES:-



    Believe it or not, but there was once a time when the ladies were not very encouraged to go and act in films. And if they did, it’d be appreciable if they were properly covered. Exposing, you ask? (You, sir, are highly mistaken! It was a big NO NO!) And it wasn’t until 1967 that Sharmila Tagore went up against all odds and broke the boundaries to don a bikini in her movie ‘An Evening in Paris’.



    And it’s kind of hard to believe that we’ve travelled all the way from the hush-hush acclaims of the much-talked about bikini babe- Sharmila to Munni’s ‘Badnaami’ and Shiela’s ‘Jawaani’ (which, by the way, are must-have-tracks for any party playlist!). Item numbers which were once considered taboo and looked down upon have now become necessary to build a quintessential commercial success.



    We’ve come a long way from the flowers covering the screen (which often resulted in the beautiful lady romancing the handsome lad and getting pregnant, by the way!)


    Sex. Yes, they can finally utter the word out loud on screen now. Yay.

    *Seriously, I couldn’t find any images for this* :|

    5. MOMMY:



    The widowed mother draped in a white saree was such a favourite! Either that or the stern mother-in-law that just sits with those huge ass bindis plotting and planning against her daughter-in-law, chalking out her plans about calling her out on her undercooked bharta.


    hqdefault (1)

    Aand  the uber cool mother who feels the need to get slightly intoxicated before going to bed (Dolly Walia, Vicky Donor). Mothers-in-law still aren’t too fond of their daughters-in-law, though. Because (Bahu! Khana banao!)




    From the young officer in the police uniform (jiske paas maa hai), ready to serve the nation with all his heart and soul. Not to forget that the police forces reach only when it’s time to say “Apne aap ko police ke hawaale kar do. Police ne tumhe chaaro ore se gher liya hai” 



    …to the dabangg police officer who doesn’t  take any bullshit from anyone. Badass. The police forces still do not reach in time though.

    7. THE END:-


    The hero gets his girl, no matter what!  NOW all, if the end is not happy, it’s not the end, right? (Picture abhi baaki hai, mere priya reader!)


    The hero gets his girl, no matter what!  NOW all, if the end is not happy, it’s not the end, right? (Picture abhi baaki hai, mere priya reader!)

    image (2)


    From ‘Pyasa’ in which the poor lad had to give up on his identity to be with the love of his life NOW a series of hardships that he faced to ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’ where the hunk finally made it to the girl’s heart NOW a life of hardshi…err…adventures (that’s how Bunny would put it, right?).

    But the one thing that has remained constant all this while is Herogiri. There are rarely any movies that portray the hero getting defeated. Seriously, even if he dies, he still somehow manages to make the pretty lass fall irrevocably in love with him.

    Well, looks like the dire optimism that we Indians have, for everything, does show up on the screen somehow!

    In the end…13-picsay

    By Dhwani Mohan

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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