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    Humans Story Part 7 – When Little Eyes Dream


    June 30, 2015

    What drives us? What makes us cry at the loss of a single opportunity we thought could’ve changed our world? What makes us smile, even laugh, at every step we take towards betterment? What makes us loose sleep and that too with giddy smiles?

    (Not talking about the nights we’ve stayed up to cram for semester papers, even those if you count rationally.)


    Give it a thought: What was more heart-wrenching, breaking-up with the one you thought of as a soulmate, or the slight idea that crept into your mind around midnight, that there might be a chance you won’t make the cut to the college you knew would get you places? Pretty obvious.

    Dreams fuel us, sometimes too much. Life goals, as the cooler ones put it. Hard to realize, seem harder when chased. Still, there are few things which could really stop us from doing so.

    Why? Because most of us had the basic platter served right, shelter, clothes, 2 square meals a day, people who love us, people we love back, simple things as such. They’ve had a bigger role to play than the hard work we’ve put in.

    Think about those who try to make it without these things we’ve taken for granted.

    Wanna know some of them?

    1. Nisha
    She wants to be a police officer. Already can notice the sternness.

    2. Roshni
    Look at that soft smile, it’s of a future teacher.

    3. Amjad
    More than anything, his dream is to make his father proud of himself.

    4. Rakesh
    Another police officer. What makes him stand out, he’ll dance while he’s at it.

    5. Dilkhush
    While his smile makes us all go, *awww*, he wants to be a lawyer.

    6. Komal
    She’s the one who’s all goofy. She would love to be anything, as long as it is something.

    7. Aasman

    And we have one more teacher-to-be. I wish I’d asked them, “what subjects?”

    8. Pooja
    She’ll cure people, people.

    9. Sanju
    Might’ve been the youngest. He wants to wear the khakhi uniform too.

    10. Sonu
    He strives for the army.

    Recognizing, supporting and helping them is the least we can do. Let’s hope for dreams, ours and theirs and everyone else’s to come true.

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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