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    ED’s Minimalistic Wardrobe Campaign: Learn from the Pros


    June 1, 2015


    With inputs from Navni Bhatia & Gayatri Sood

    Ever repeated the same outfit even twice a week to work?

    No man, I have a reputation at work, are you delusional?   #workaholicswag

    There exist 3 such pioneers who have wardrobe repetition swagger (own hi-tech machines with pre-installed dryers) #YOLO

    Matilda Kahl has been rocking her days at a creative advertising agency with the same outfit from the past 3 years. Having a uniform and with one less choice to make during the whole day can definitely buy her time to have an extra meal.  #Savestime&energy

    Click..click…click on the phone, on the laptop while getting fresh or travelling in the car. When we can’t go a minute without checking our Facebook profile then giving Mark Zuckerberg a leverage of wearing his same grey tee every day to work shouldn’t be an issue for us, as he quotes “I am not a cool person, and I’ve never really tried to be cool.”

    Known for his unvarying signature look unlike most corporate executives cause he be the co-founder of Apple.  #ImmaBeSTEVEJOBS

    What do you wear to work, sir?
    Suit and tie?

    Nope! Just a black mock turtleneck, blue jeans and new balance sneakers and look where they got me ;)

    Here is some A-mazing news for all our readers that ED is carrying out its minimalistic wardrobe campaign inspired from these 3 famous personalities, where we asked few people to send in their choice of attire they are happy to wear to work every day at least for the next one year. #ItsGoodToBeDifferent


    Attire: Journalism & media; Urva Joshi, 20yrs Ahmedabad, Gujarat. NIFT, Gandhinagar.


    Attire: Manager; Shubhi Gakhar, 19yrs, Allahabad. NIFT, Gandhinagar.

    Avnish Dawar

    Attire: Marketing firm; Avnish Dawar, 20yrs, Delhi. Jaypee institute of information technology.

    Mridul Bhatia (casual fridays)

    Attire: IT company; Mridul Bhatia, 23yrs, Delhi.


    Attire: Advertising firm; Kshitij Lau, 22yrs. Delhi.


    Attire: IT company. Gunjan sethi, 21yrs. Ludhiana. NIFT, Gandhinagar.


    Attire: HR manager; Pulkita sharma, 20yrs. Delhi,NIFT.


    Attire: Fashion house. Mansi Bagree, 19yrs. Indore, NIFT,Gandhinagar.


    So, the benefits in going minimalistic in our wardrobes are broadly:

    1. Helps avoid picking on our brain cells every morning for a new robe.
    2. Save money on bulk buys. *go simple*
    3. Textile wastage is a thing of the past.
    4. Gossip Girls be gone!


    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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