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    Mistakes Indians Make


    June 28, 2015

    This one is for those who blindly believe in anything and everything. The most perfectly imperfect class of Homo sapiens, the Indians (no, not the Red Indians, the brown ones).


    Here we’re going to discuss some very common mistakes that Indians commit.

    I’m sure you will be able to relate to most of them. 

    In relation to women, they’ll:

    Talk about women empowerment, but practice female foeticide:


    Judge a woman by her physical appearance and a man by his bank balance:


    While in public, they’ll:

    Give out free advice to anyone on any topic whatsoever


    Throw garbage from car/bus/train and then wonder why our country is so dirty:



    Never admit their mistake:



    When it comes to their career, they’ll:

    Use their talent only to win high school competitions and not make a career out of them:



    Go for engineering, medical or MBA just because everyone else is doing the same:



    You will find it only in India that people make movies like Bang Bang, Joker, Humshakals, Happy New Year and Himmatwala:

    humshakals meme 1


    They will still believe in judiciary after what happened to Salman Khan and Jayalalitha:



    When it comes to social media, they’ll:

    Follow Kamaal R Khan on Twitter:



    Tag numerous people on their profile picture to get likes:



    Follow for follow on Instagram and Twitter:



    Only God knows how they find sense in Yo Yo Honey Singh songs!:

    yo yo honey singh funny pics 4


    When at home, they’ll:

    Slap the remote control thinking that it will charge the dead battery:



    Not switch the lights and fans off when not in use:




    Nowadays, they have a typical mentality which makes them think anything from the west is best (no, not Kanye West):



    As I’ve already told, they blindly believe in anything and everything. That is the reason they end up following people like Aasaram Bapu:




    The citizens of this country might be losing the zest, but remember, east or west India is the best.

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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