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    Pronouncing It Wrong – A Sin Unforgivable


    June 29, 2015

    Ever hesitated while saying your favourite designer’s name because it’s too hard to say? Well, we all have been through this.

    Mispronouncing a fashion brand or a designer’s name has become our worst fear ever! Their spellings are pretty ambiguous and delusive. These names often trip off our tongues and make them the most embarrassing fashion faux-pas.

    And if you’re wearing that label or just bragging about it and suddenly you mispronounce it,  then god can only save you the humiliation you’ll have to face for the rest of your life.

    source : google images

    source : google images

    Turns out, mispronouncing these brand names have become such a big deal these days.

    Why is it so important for us? Why don’t we even think before judging anyone that too on a petty issue like this?

    We forget that it is going to be really very demeaning and upsetting for the other person. It could affect the self esteem and self confidence of that person. And needless to say, it may also impair one’s ego.

    I feel that there are much bigger issues and problems in this world than just mispronouncing a fashion brand or a designer. And the most of all, are we perfect?  Have we never made any mistake? How are we going to feel if someone mocks us like this?

    Yet, in today’s world, being in vogue doesn’t mean just being fashionable. One should be well versed with the names and the spot on pronunciation of the present day brands.

    Seems like, dressing chic is not enough. The world today wants you to spell chic as well.

    Well, days of hesitation and simply ruining a brand’s name have come to an end!

    Take a look at these pictures below to see the proper pronunciation of your favourite fashion brand.

    P.S.- Now there won’t be any need to avoid or scruple when asked about your dearest Yves Saint Laurent handbag.

    1. Hermès

    source : google images

    source : google images

    2. Moschino


    source : google images

    3. Rochas


    source : google images


    4. Salvatore Ferragamo


    source : google images


    5. Versace


    source : google images


    6. Yves Saint Laurent


    source : google images


    7. Bottega Veneta


    source : google images


    8. Bulgari


    source : google images


    9. Christian Louboutin


    source : google images


    10. Givenchy


    source : google images


    Lastly, though it is great and really essential to be à la mode but still, even if you mispronounce something, it is not going to be the end of the world. People are always going to judge you, If not this, then something else.

    What the most important thing is that never lose the confidence you have, because that is something which is always going to be in vogue.


    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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