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    God’s Own Children: Picture Story


    July 28, 2015

    When you lose your parents as a child, you are indoctrinated into a club; you’re taken into life’s severest confidence. You are undeceived. This one is for those special ones who require our attention.

    Come all kind, good people, with sympathizing hearts
    Come listen to a few kind words a friend to you imparts.


    Be kind to an orphan child, and always be its friend
    You will be happy in this world, and will be to the end.


    Be kind to the motherless, little motherless ones
    For God will always bless you in tons.


    No kind and loving mother to soothe their little brow
    Be kind to them always, friends, they have no mother now.


    Be kind to the fatherless, wherever you may find
    One little one that is friendless, I pray you all be kind.


    For it has no loving father, to speak with mild reproof
    Or guide its youthful footsteps in honesty and truth.


    A small action of yours can make their day.

    So go donate your rejected stuff to them instead of throwing it away.

    Be the reason for their happiness, be their survival’s scope.

    Be the ones who guide them to future, be their light of hope.

    All pictures are taken by the Blogger herself. 

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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    • y3shuA imMANu3l

      “God dwells everywhere, in all life. God is not behind a veil. He is not shrouded in a veil of mystery — He is everywhere. He seeks to be known. We wear the veil — not God. We do not see Him, only because we are blind.
      Because we cannot see, we say God is beyond, is unknown, or unknowable. But when we break away from illusions, senses, and the flesh/matter we find Him knowable and known. We see Him as He is and we know Him and we know that we are like Him; that we are a reflection
      of Him.”

    • y3shuA imMANu3l

      “When we break away from the illusions and love of the earth, when we begin to long for a pure heart, a purified soul, we have planted the seeds of conception. When we begin to grow into goodness, truth, and virtue, we are preparing for birth — the birth of the Illuminated Soul.”
      “When all false ideas are cast out. When all the illusions of earth and senses are thrust away. Behold! The illumination of the soul, — the God within the human.”