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    Top Weirdest Apps Worth Trying


    July 27, 2015

    Smart phones brought with it an era of Apps. Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail and Candy Crush are some apps which are nowadays there, in every phone. However then after such apps, there are some weird apps you could not have imagined, existed in the App store. Check out these apps on your own and rate their weirdness as well as coolness.

    1. TinDog– A dog dating app. Yes it’s true, inspired from the Tinder app, Tindog is the latest addition. Present on both Android Store and iOS, this app allows the dog owners to find their dog a soul mate. Works almost in the same manner as Tinder, with swiping left-right, using GPS locations. So are you looking for your dog’s perfect match?



    Tindog 3

    Tindog 1


    1. Carrr Matey– Living in congested colonies and have to park car far away. And you easily forget how far did you park it? Or be the mall parking with many levels and blocks. This app eases the car finding task for you. Making your car a vessel, the app talks like a pirate and guides you till the car. No more remembering the numbers and alphabets to locate your car.


    Carr Matey 2

    Carr Matey 1

    1. Fake an Excuse: Hang up now – Periodically, we want to be saved of the many irritating calls. No I’m not talking about the spam ones, but some constant nagging friend of yours or the over possessive girlfriend/boyfriend etc. And we fall short of excuses to come out of these calls. Fear not, ‘Fake-An-Excuse’ gives you the best of excuses with sound effects in some, adding the realistic aspect. Now you can get away from any tense situation or time waste easily by using them.


    Fake Excuse 1

    Fake Excuse


    1. Paper Racing– Games are common on the appstore. Mind games, quiz games, running games. Basically all sorts of games. However then there is a weird game – Paper Racing. The name is not a great insight about what paper you race. The answer is ‘Toilet Paper’. This bathroom game pits you against your friends to find out who uses the toilet paper first. Imagine!


    Paper Racing

    Paper Racing 2


    1. My Magic 8 ball— Astrology and numerology define you? Always excited for knowing what’s going to happen in future? Android brings to you the, My Magic 8 ball app. It has the same answers as the toy and will give you the same fun as the original toy.


    Magic 8 ball

    And for ‘Friends’ addict this one adds to your obsession with it.

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