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    Trash It Trend It


    July 12, 2015

    There is always some good to some bad… So here are a few things we loved this week and few we wanted to shove.

    If you think we missed something, do tell us in the comments!

    Trend It

    Minions are everywhere! Baboi! HAHAHAHAHA


    Jennifer Lawrence and her singing skills are everything!

    The way JKR told off a Serena Williams hater. We don’t call her the Queen of Sass-dom for nothing.


    Trash It

    Sherlock Season 4 pushed to 2017. We’ve been waiting the last 2 years anyhow :|

    When the light goes out the moment you finally find something worthwhile to watch on TV!

    The rain watering down all the plans. Also, *aacchhooonn* Excuse me!


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