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    8 Life Hacks From Dr. House


    September 24, 2015

    Unapologetic and uncompromising as he is, Dr. Gregory House has been the person we all wish to be at some point or another. Besides excelling in medicine, Dr. House has nailed life right on the head.

    Here are some lessons that this egomaniacal genius didn’t fail to preach, lending the perfect prescription for life.

    1. Can’t decide whether or not to troll your best friend’s driving licence picture on Facebook?



    2. Missing your school life and your best friend and how uncomplicated things used to be?


    3. Otherwise maybe, you are Oreo.



    4. Is your relationship status ‘Just broke up’?



    5. Gave up Music because your father wants you to be an engineer?



    6. Probably it all started with a packet of Lays promising chips inside.



    7. Have a colleague at work discussing your boyfriend #43 and you are the subject of the office gossip?



    8. Having a screwed-up relationship? Have parents become control freaks? Life expecting maturity and don’t know where to fit the mental breakdowns into your schedule?



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