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    India’s First Disneyland Comes To Bengaluru – Isn’t That the Best Thing Ever?


    October 31, 2015

    Finally, after years of dreaming about going to the Happiest place on earth, we now don’t need the rich NRI aunty/ uncle or the fully paid MR given trips to doctors to be there.

    Yes “The happiest place on Earth” is going to open here in…

    Ta DA Daaaaaa

    BENGALURU…Yes! Right here….Yes! In India…Yes! You can jump and cry those happy tears out.

    According to the latest news, the government of Karnataka is forming an alliance with Disney studios and is planning to open a Disneyland in Bengaluru. What better news than this!

    The Karnataka government is reportedly in talks with a private investor regarding land and other requirements for setting up the Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland – similar to the one in Paris.



    Bengaluru is surely one of the best places in India to open this park as it has what Disneyland demands. In terms of climate, Disney looks for a place that’s temperate year-round. This means no miserable freezing winters, no wilting-hot summers which Bengaluru serves perfectly. And a perfect nightlife with amazing tourist destinations to visit nearby are nothing but added bonuses.



    If the tourism department has its way, you could experience the California-like theme park in Namma Bengaluru itself. The proposed location is Devanahalli or along Bengaluru-Tumakuru road.  Bengaluru-Tumakuru road  is one of the most planned locations of Bengaluru and will surely act as a very popular tourist spot.

    Vaikunta Hill, off Kanakapura Road, gives a bird’s-eye view of the future of Bangalore South. The hillock provides not only a 360-degree view of all of Bangalore but also the trajectory the development of the city will take in the coming years.

    The 28-acre hillock, on Kanakapura Road and very close to Konanakunte Cross, will be at the heart of the path-breaking changes the city will witness.



    The proposed theme park will be the biggest in the country. It will cost a staggering Rs 100 crore and require 800-1000 acres of land.

    Bengaluru is already home to three amusement parks – Wonder La and Innovative Film City on Mysore Road and Fun World near Palace Grounds but this one will surely steal the show.

    Currently, Disneyland is in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris and Honk Kong, so it will be a big thing for India to get its name added to this list of one of the happiest places on earth.



    Like all the Disney Land’s of the world we know this one will surely be grand and huge. One day inside it would be the best for all the kids in India. The rides I hope are more dangerous and adrenaline oriented, something that would attract foreigners to come and visit it too. Unlike other amusement parks, this Disneyland shouldn’t rot in the dirt after some time because of bad maintenance.

    And what could be better than Harry Potter World being a part of it too? Because you know it, Once a Potterhead, AlLWAYS a Potterhead!  And of course, all the beautiful Disney themed food.

    And of course, all the beautiful Disney themed food shouldn’t be left behind too.

    Disney Land01_704x385


    Upon reading various public opinions of people regarding this I got to know that a lot of people feel that this is not a very bright step. They feel right now Bengaluru is struggling with a lot of electricity and condition of road issues so instead of focusing on amusement they should solve these problems first. Otherwise, how are they planning to run an amusement park without electricity and proper roads?


    Let’s see how everything turns out but for now, I’m really happy that Disneyland is coming to India!

    Be excited and dream about all the Amazing rides that Disneyland India will have!

    Also, read how Bengaluru hosted another first-in-India,

    Bengaluru Hosts International Transgender Art Festival, A First In India

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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    • Ravi Agarwal

      airport is near to the city, are you in your right senses????

    • gauravgoyal

      100 crores? Har Har. Shanghai disneyland cost over a billion dollars, more than 10000 crore rupees. One single attraction costs over 100 crores in disneyland

    • Shayne Reynolds

      The Walt Disney Company – A company (under the disguise of being the world’s best entertainment company) that lures kids and adults into innocent looking fantasy worlds of wonder and magic while using senseless capitalism/consumerism and mind-control tactics that have turned countless people around the globe into psycho Disney Fanatics. Selling cheap Chinese made toys/clothing and genetically modified fast food for exorbitantly high prices to unsuspecting families and kids who are more than willing to indulge without questioning. Disney portrays itself to be a liberal organisation on the outside by supporting the LGBT community and using themes of freedom and morality in their stories, and yet Disney has bought over a wide range of the media channels and outlets in America including Fox News, a hateful conservative news channel that feeds absolute garbage to the public. Fox supports Donald Trump and states on live TV that Global Warming does not exist, claims that Jesus was a white man and a whole lot more…. Disney Cruise Line claims that they resort to proper disposal of tons of food every single day into the ocean which they consider fish food. The food that is disposed into the ocean is a mixture of all the leftovers including hot dogs, pastas, pizzas, french fries, cheese, pork, beef, noodles, chicken etc. Don’t we all know that fish love that sort of food? Food disposal has actually killed so many species of fish, coral and other sea life due to food layering in the ocean. At-least 70 endangered manatees every year are killed in the coast of Florida itself. Most people working for Disney become desensitized because they see things happening everyday and are oblivious to the real facts. It’s what Disney wants to achieve. People have become so dumb, they think that the characters are real. I’ve seen so many adults and grandparents weep when they met Mickey and the gang believing them to be real. All this damage in just 80 odd years of Disney existence. Disney provides impeccable guest services, treat guests like gods giving them good reason to extort money without being questioned. Guests still have to wait for hours in extremely long queues to get a photograph and/or autograph (believe it or not, people get character autographs on expensive autograph books and some cherish them for generations) with a character. Disney shows are fantastic no doubt but of course the main aim is to extract money and then extract more money while utterly wasting food and other useful resources.
      When it comes to Disney world, it’s an extremely crowded place where people have to wait for over an hour to go on a ride (I can’t imagine the situation in India). In every nook and corner you find very cheap Disney merchandise for sale at insane prices. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you to research more about Disney to understand what they’re trying to achieve and the cost and effect it has on society. There’s darkness beyond the illusion … Is Bangalore and India ready for Disney? I’m not sure…. but Disney is sure ready for India!