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    Top 9 Moments When Kevin Spacey’s Hacks Will Come Handy To You In Real Life


    October 9, 2015

    By Mudit Agarwal

    House of Cards, an American political drama, rated as one of the best TV Soaps, left the viewers begging for more in its season finale. Its protagonist, Frank Underwood a.k.a Kevin Spacey emanates the notion of power, pragmatism and rationality.

    Here are few instances when Kevin Spacey of House of Cards and his quirky hacks will come handy to you! Read on to know if you face the same dilemmas like us…

    Caught up in a dilemma, whether you should share your best friend’s darkest secret?


    Plight of every person getting off at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station:


    When exams are governing your life:


    The time when your friend loses the bet:


    How you feel about the people working in the administration office?


    When your friends ask you to choose between FIFA and her, and she is watching.


    How nerds feel during exams:


    On deciding that enough’s enough:


    What would you choose?


    Stay tuned for Season 4 which is releasing in 2016. We know it seems like a long time but patience is a virtue.
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