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    Messi Going To Endorse Tata Motors: Will It Work For Them?


    November 9, 2015

    Using a celebrity to promote a car is a crapshoot.

    Pick the right person and it can boost sales, create a buzz and bolster a brand.

    Choose the wrong star and an automaker might throw away millions of dollars while alienating customers.

    TV personality Mike Rowe for Ford is a match made in heaven, but singer Celine Dion for Chrysler proved to be a big mistake.


    The news is just in that 4 times FIFA Ballon d’Or winner and the first player to win 3 European Golden Shoes who is also the captain of the Argentina Football team is going to endorse globally, the largest Indian Automobile Manufacturer “THE TATA MOTORS”.

    I guess the cars are going to run from the showrooms just as fast as the magician of football runs with the ball.. *wink*


    He will star in the campaign ‘What drives us from within is what makes us great’ followed by many others. The Football superstar said that he was thrilled to be the part of the Tata Motors family.


    “Namaste India. I am very excited about my first association with an Indian brand. I have always been fascinated by India and have heard such great things about this diverse country. I was once in India with Argentina National Team and I hope to visit it again,” he said referring to an international friendly match played at the Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata.

    It is an ambitious step by the company in the global markets keeping in mind its new generation products like Zest, Bolt, GenX Nano inspired by its Horizonext strategy.


    Previously it has been observed through various studies that getting a very popular brand ambassador results in the increase of the products for sale. A study done by  Kevin Chung of the Wisconsin School of Business has statistically shown that the roping in of Tiger Woods as the brand ambassador of Nike led to sales of Nike golf balls manifold. The same may happen in India and worldwide for Tata Motors now that they have the football master Lionel Messi to endorse their brand. In India, especially, where Tata Motors is now in a position to challenge the great Motor companies of Germany, USA, Japan, having Messi to endorse their brand will be an extremely successful deal for them. The Indian psyche is of giving preference to budget cars plus with low maintenance costs. Tata Motors provides both with an excellent customer service as well. The football loving Indian (am sure there are many like me) is expected to react to this in a very positive way and the kind of cars Tata is planning to launch and has already launched in the recent past are perfect for the youth. Plus having a car of a company which MESSI endorses is a kind of a big deal for the country’s youth who are Messi fans.


                         The HITS:


      Starting with 2006’s “Casino Royale,” British actor Daniel Craig revived the James Bond franchise with his tough, gritty performances. British cars have always been key players in the Bond films, and Land Rover cashed in on that association by teaming with Craig for the debut of its 2014 Range Rover Sport at the 2013 New York Auto Show. Craig appeared in a video trailer to introduce the SUV and drove the vehicle to a launch party for the media. reported that Craig was paid $1 million for his efforts.


      Despite his rampant womanizing and existential angst, Jon Hamm’s Don Draper character on AMC’s “Mad Men” represents the style, wealth and class that Mercedes-Benz seeks in its customers. In 2010 Hamm’s gravitas earned him a role as the voice-over narrator in Mercedes commercials. He signed a three-year contract at that time, and his first commercial was for the S400 Hybrid. Several more ads followed and Hamm continues to lend his authoritative voice to the brand.

      The epic FAIL:


      One of the worst celebrity endorsements of all time was Celine Dion for Chrysler. In 2002 the diva signed a $14 million contract to appear in Chrysler commercials over three years, but the deal only lasted about a year. The choice was supposed to lend class to Chrysler’s image, but Dion skewed to an older audience and wasn’t likeable enough to attract buyers. Reportedly, the ads were exorbitantly expensive to produce and dealers complained that the ads sold Dion more than the cars.

    So all-in-all the debate whether getting big names to endorse your brands actually are worth for the money or are just show off expenses is to a great extent settled in the positive and hence the Indian Big Shot Motor Company, can expect a positive response from the global market because of Messi’s Indian touch.

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