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    #RahulStumped: The Comedian We Know Is Back!


    November 25, 2015

    Well the Comedian is back with a new Avatar!

    In a major embarrassment, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s question on whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious “Clean India” campaign is working or not was met with a resounding ‘yes’.

    During an interaction with students of Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, the Congress vice-president took an instant poll asking the young audience about the twin flagship programmes while slamming the Modi government.

    He asked the students whether ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ (‘Clean India Mission’) was working, to which most replied in a resounding ‘yes’.

    Gandhi hastened to tell the audience that he differed with them.

    “You might see it I don’t. Anyway, I don’t clearly see a vision that the BJP is projecting”. 

    Rahul, perhaps a new pair of specs would do?

    rahul stumped 1
    It didn’t end here as the so called Youth Icon again asked the students if they thought the ‘Make in India’ programme was really working and the students again gave the same reply, making the leader apparently uncomfortable.

    rahul stumped 3

    Then again he asked if jobs were created by the present Government, where he somewhat received the answer he expected.

    However, the reason why the crowd answered NO to the question was because the so called youngster on the stage was unemployed himself. *wink

    The Voice of the Youth has changed his tape now! From the interview at Frankly Speaking with Arnab where he spoke only about Women Empowerment, Empowering the Youth to any questions he was asked, after the elections he has changed his tape to Interaction and Intolerance and attacking the Modi Government. 

    If he truly is the leader of the Youth and believes in interacting with the students and others, he should have called the students who said “Yes that things initiated by the Central Govt. are working” on the stage and asked them the reasons for their answers! Try and understand their point of view. That’s what atleast I gather from the word Interaction.

    rahul stumped 2

    However, the Congress’s reaction was a funny one too! The spokesperson said that, “This is the way, the leader of the country should interact with the young and the countrymen everywhere — sometimes disagreeing with them, sometimes agreeing with them and answering their basic inquisitiveness on how India should look in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. Rahul ji has answered, what no other political leader has done.”

    Well he’s right in a way, no person can be that stupid! I guess Rahul should now take up a job as a stand-up comedian or a joker. Ultimately there’s atleast a future for him there!

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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    • harri

      At least he had the guts to speak to an open, uncontrolled and unmoderated audience and take questions. How many politicians have had the guts to do that. Not many. I give him credit for that. As for the rest, it is easy to criticize but difficult to lead.
      Making speeches from an elevated platform does not count for that is a one way interaction.

      • Aniket Pendharkar

        Well if you missed the debates during elections with an open audience on various channels and if you haven’t seen subramaniam swamy talking to people or for that matter the program organised by Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad where the same has happened, plus various leaders who have given speeches in various colleges across the country, it does you good to make the above comment. And yes agreed that its easy to criticize and difficult to lead, I hope the current opposition realizes that.

        • harri

          I was not referring to TV debates which are usually a farce; I was talking about speaking to a live audience and taking open questions. How many of our cabinet ministers have done that? In that context, it is an appreciable step even though he didn’t cover himself with glory and was just passable.

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