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    Reasons to Go To IIT’s Mood Indigo: Picture Story


    December 27, 2015

    Every college has a fest but IIT wins this race by organizing not just the country’s but Asia’s largest cultural fest which is called Mood Indigo aka Mood I.

    People come to Mumbai for this particular fest in college groups to enjoy 4 days of complete entertainment and freedom.

    Here are some reasons why every college student must attend Mood Indigo at least once:

    1. The Mind blowing Concerts

    IIT has been bringing amazing artists to rock the stage every year, few names being Vishal- Shekhar, Pritam, Shaan, Adnan Sami etc. The concerts are free of cost and have such a jubilant crowd, which makes the experience worth it.


    You can also catch a beautiful video taken by Siddharth Mahadevan showing a big crowd swaying to his music with their cellphone lights up in the air

    2. Comedy Sketches, again for FREE FREE FREE

    Every participating student gets to attend amazing stand ups like Papa CJ, Vir Das, Raju Srivastava etc. in a brilliantly built convocation hall.


    3. Nostalgic Much

    A nostalgic feeling gets to you when you see your favourite childhood artists like Indian Ocean, Lucky Ali, Adnan Sami perform in front of you.


    4. The MOOD I Wall

    One of the things that I loved the most was this huge wall which is painted by the students completely every year for just for this four day event. The most surprising thing is that they start white washing it the very night the fest ends to start painting it for the next big event.


    5. Friends Reunion

    Since it is such a big event, you tend you come across so many old friends just roaming around, on the stage or in an auto passing by and then all those “I missed you” selfie sessions start.


    6. Involvement of art

    After all Mood Indigo is not just about competitions, there are multiple workshops and games where you keep yourself involved.  Not to miss, their green campus!


    They have a beautifully painted Sachin Tendulakar on their campus wall.

    7. Night Arena

    The best part of the fest is in the night where you actually start talking to people, sit around bonfires and sing songs because the area has that kind of feel. The campus is open throughout the night so you can walk around, sit around their lake; Yes they have a lake and a mountain.


    8. The Extra Effort

    The IIT students put in a lot of effort in making these four days your best; they make contacts with so many foreign artists to give us a new experience.


    So next year, save the dates in December for IIT’s Mood Indigo.

    Views presented in the article are those of the author and not of ED.

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