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    I Went Inside South Asia’s Largest Prison, Tihar Jail: Here’s What I Saw


    January 27, 2016

    Almost everyone has heard of the Tihar Jail and no, it’s not because of the fact that it is South Asia’s largest prison but because it has been home to an N-number of politicians who now, much to our dismay make decisions for our country *face-palm*.


    However, I’m not here to give a moral lecture but recount my hands on experience of when I first entered this ‘Criminal -Paradise’. 

    Let me tell you what it is like to visit Cell number 5 of Tihar jail.


    If you suffer from a ‘cleanliness OCD’, this is the place for you. With butter coloured walls and squeaky floors *exaggeration galore* this ‘Swachh Bharat’ infested area put many college campuses to shame, including mine. The only differentiating factor you ask? Well the high walls and flirtatious murderers. #ShouldHaveCoveredUp



    The jail housed a mini production centre from where I was standing. Con-men were deep in the middle of creating new products; for instance, we found them busy on their machines sewing together a shoe; a scented room with a soap preparation unit and other such paraphernalia was under the tool by the brand name of – TJ’S. However, these products were available only in outlets outside the jail complex or at the Delhi High Court Canteen.  #MadeInTihar #MakeInIndiaRedifined


    Man, I didn’t know that Tihar would challenge my IQ to such an extent. MBA books, Lord of the rings and studying in-mates made me realize how apart from ‘Playboy’ I need to stock-up my library with WIT!


    Phone call is just a thumbprint away. Every person is allowed to call for five minutes every day. A machine which records thumbprint lets you talk for five minutes to one of the two registered numbers. Technology these days, uff.


    700 in-mates of a particular cell are fed with six rotis each, prepped by the over-enthusiastic prisoners, who mind you, keep the kitchen so spectacular and clean that I’m sure you can eat off of it! #MyRotiBeShiny

    My idea of a jail has definitely changed after my visit to Tihar. Now I would not imagine the typical Bollywood type stone polishing prisoners in a soiled place whenever I hear the word “jail”.

    A peep into the daily life of prisoners can teach you so much.

    P.S.: Please do not start committing crimes after reading this. :P

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