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    Have You Tried The New McDonald’s Condom Yet? Para Pa Para!


    January 22, 2016

    Our generation is pro at experimentation and going batshit crazy. Result? Everything that’s funny on the internet.

    Yet, it’s not every day that you come across a fusion of condoms and miscellaneous brands, and done so well that it leaves you in splits! Creator Max Wright has taken taglines of famous brands we all know and love, and twisted it into something so out-of-the-box for condoms, that it’s a wonder we didn’t see that coming!

    Here are these wonderful “pieces of art” that we’d like to see on retail sale some day! :P

    Impossible is nothing
    Go ahead, keep trying… You will get there!


    It keeps going… And going… and going…
    Wish you could say the same about him, though…? *Sigh*


    Burger King
    Have it your way.
    But sometimes, have it the other way too.

    burger king

    In n Out
    The name is enough…

    in n out

    Home Depot
    You can do it, we can help!
    Come on, everyone needs a little assistance once in a while!

    home depot

    Is it in you?
    IS it…?


    I’m lovin’ it
    Who says sex is overrated?!


    Finger lickin’ good!
    A little foreplay doesn’t hurt, eh?


    Unleash the beast
    As if the name isn’t enough…


    Just do it.
    Come on… do him/her it already!


    Gotta catch ‘em all!
    This is probably the one line that goes everywhere!


    Once you pop, you can’t stop
    Hands down, my favorite! I will never be able to eat the sour cream flavor again! :P


    Xbox Live
    It’s good to play together.
    The more the merrier!


    Big shout out to Max Wright from Tumblr… we need more creative brains like this!
    Also, we are hoping that one of these companies will actually venture into the safe sex business. That day, “Shut up and take my money!” will also get a new meaning!

    Let us know in the comments section which one’s your favourite…

    Picture Credits: Max Wright from NewCondoms.tumblr.com, via TrendCrib

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