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    What Do You Do To Prevent Climate Change? The Youth Answers: ED VoxPop


    February 18, 2016

    By Jinelle D’souza

    I wanted to understand what our youth of today is doing for the environment. So I decided to go on interviewing some of my friends about climate change. Asked them the question – “What do you do to prevent climate change?”

    Most of them seemed to have a fair idea of what it is (thankfully).

    As for some, I was impressed about how much they know about how it poses a threat to us and what they do to prevent it.

    And as for some, I got funny answers but I learnt about the different things people do to save the environment.

    So let’s see what they do for the environment, here are some of the answers that I got.







    Well, this is what some of my friends told me what they do to combat climate change, and what do you do?

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    • harri

      Wow! Preventing climate change by using water, reading news online etc etc.
      BTW, there is also a big debate whether we can actually prevent climate change since it is dynamic and inherent in nature. The most we should be happy with is reducing pollution and using resources frugally. All of rest is bunkum.
      Views welcome.

      • Jinelle Dsouza

        Hello Harri! I’m of the belief that Climate Change was caused due to human intervention in nature’s natural cycles, like industrialization giving rise to pollution and so on. But I feel thinking we can’t do anything to save earth is not right. You are totally right when you say reducing pollution and using resources sparingly helps the earth, so why not try helping earth with the little things we can do? Everyone can try to reduce their carbon footprint and help save earth! If many of us do it, just think how much can we be benefiting our earth!

        • harri

          I am in entire agreement with reducing pollution and using resources frugally. As for climate change, it is part of natural cycles. Ice ages were caused by climate change at a mammoth scale when man was nowhere in evolutionary sight. IMHO, where most of us err is in equating ‘Climate Change’ with ‘Climate Control’. We cannot control climate or prevent climate change. All we can do is slow down the pace of the change.

          • Jinelle Dsouza

            Yes, I get your point, I believe there are two aspects to this debate, its caused by natural factors and human intervention is just making it worse. And I’m considering what we can do now, which is try preventing it from “increasing”.