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    By Medha Malaviya

    Google is our go-to-problem-solver today. From solving mid-life crises’ to teaching us how to make tea, Google is our guy. But Google is created by nerds who’ve left loopholes for us to exploit. Google hacks are nothing less than ‘dorking’ Google.

    Here are nine google hacks that if not helpful are sure as hell, entertaining.

    1. Want to set timer on Google? Just type “Set timer for 10 minutes” and Google will automatically ping you after 10 minutes.

    You can your own tone and the volume as well.


    2. Star Trek fan? Want Google to understand Klingon? Just type “Klingon” on Google and add “/xx-klingon” at the end of the link.



    3. Want to do a Barrel Roll? Type “do a barrel roll” and see Google screen roll left-right and left.


    4. Type “zerg rush” and see red balls dilute the entire screen into oblivion.




    5. You will understand the weirdness of this hack if you know enough about our neighbours. Type “atari breakout” and click images on Google and watch the weirdness unfold.


    6. Type ‘goglogo” and select the first link that appears on the screen. Type the name you want to see and see the magic unfold.


    Goglogo - Create your OWN Google Search Page - Google Logo Maker - Google Logo Creator

    7. Let your inner Picasso unravel on Google. Google translator has the unique feature which allows you to draw the translated word on the screen.



    8. Type google pond’ and press ‘I’m feeling lucky’. The entire screen will transform into a blue puddle.

    1 (1)9. If you’re a metal fan and want your Google to be the same then all you need to do is type ‘Google Gothic’ and press ‘I’m feeling lucky’.


    Stylized Google is nothing short of wonder. ‘Google-doodle’ as these tricks are called are sometimes the easiest way to flaunt your technological prowess. These hacks are up there to exploit and have fun with. Try them out and have fun.

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