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    Are You A Junkie For Food? Here Are 8 Out Of The Box Theme Restaurants


    February 28, 2016

    By Preeti Kumari

    Guilty pleasure or a hobby- major, eating is an indulgence almost everybody enjoys. You definitely don’t need a place or a reason to gorge but isn’t a crazy theme restaurant just icing on the cake?

    So, here we bring you a list of such restaurants.

    1. Redwoods Treehouse – Warkworth, New Zealand:


    Ever been to a tree house? No, well you can always make up for that by dining in this tree house restaurant amidst the red trees. So, this seems like an opportunity of killing two birds with an arrow, scrumptious food under the tree.

     2. Modern Toilet – Taipei City, Taiwan Province, People’s Republic of China:


    One of the whackiest places you’ll ever go to, this restaurant serves food in containers shaped like squat toilets. And wonder how the owner got this idea? No guessing, of course sitting somewhere. Even if the idea grosses you out, the food here is a must have. They have become famous with branches all over Asia. Isn’t this some crazy shit? ;)

     3. Hajime Restaurant- Bangkok, Thailand


    If you are a gizmo fanatic then this place is meant for you. The idea of being served by robots is going to overwhelm you! Yes, the owner of the restaurant spent $1 million to purchase four dancing robots. Wonder if the food is also prepared by robots.

     4. Ninja New York – New York City, USA


    Would you like to dine in with Ninjas tumbling around you? Then this is the place to go. It is designed as a 15th-century Japanese feudal village. “They drop down from anywhere and scare you out of your wits,”says a visitor.

    5. Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant- San Pablo, Philippines


    Eating beside the waterfall, isn’t it a dream come true? Time to unleash the hopeless romantic in you! Unparalleled ambience with local food in buffet is the way they treat you. But I wonder, won’t the people be more excited about taking a dip in the water?

    6. Safe House – Milwaukee, USA


    Love solving puzzles and mysteries? Then you must visit this spy-theme based restaurant. There is no direct gate to enter as you have to search your way inside. And they have mini flying saucer UFOs around that serve you food. Now, that’s interesting!

    7. Heart Attack Grill- Las Vegas, Nevada


    This hospital theme restaurant has inside. Don’t come to my restaurant, it is bad for you and will kill you- this is what the owner of the restaurant said on TV. Enter in a hospital gown as a patient where nurses will take your order(prescription). They have a “calories served” counter.

    8. Dick’s Last Resort- Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago


    This is a super fun place to visit with promiscous waiters making fun of you. You will feel as you have paid to become a clown. Well, that makes sense as it’s everything about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

    Image Credits: Google

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