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    By Richa Sharma

    The unveiling of Uber’s new logo on Tuesday left its customers perplexed. The new logo is inspired by the “bit” and the “atom” – both being the building blocks of technology and the world – explains Uber CEO. Their logo-explaining video is dramatically concluded with these lines, “We leave no bit or atom unturned”

    But Dear Uber, if you need to explain your logo, and people still don’t get it, it’ s okay. Maybe you can help them see it in the following different ways…


    After a thorough investigation I present my result: humans may or may not have a doppelganger, but Uber’s new logo has many.

    State Bank of India: Hey Start-ups? Looking for funding? Maybe you could take some inspiration! Try buttering the richest banks around!


    The Chase Bank: Uber has a classy pick and drop service, they do not Chase. Except if you run away without paying!

    The USB: Try Uber… They “connect” and “transfer” well!


    A Keyhole: If you tilt the new logo by the right angle, you have this: Uber… opening doors and providing chauffer services since 2009.

    Dosa Spatula: Because Uber reaches you before Amma gets the dosa off the tawa!


    Gillette Razor: The Best a Man Can Get. Ditto for Uber’s services.


    The Pacman: A new video game: Cabman!! A little fun on the run?


    So much just to say that Uber’s new logo is okay, but the older one had class. Rebranding could have been a superb idea but it seems to have gone wrong for Uber!

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