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    If Your Girls’ Hostel Mates Were In Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, Who Would They Be?


    February 11, 2016

    By Gayathri Naga

    If you’ve come out alive after your time in a girls’ hostel, trust me, you can survive anything and everything in this world. That is the place where you’ll find all kinds of characters, right from the bitchy girls to the introverts. With all its strict rules, bland food and high curfews, girls’ hostel feels like a prison most of the time and the girls get so wild that they can easily pass off as prison inmates. 

    For the uninitiated, Orange is the New Black is a Netflix prison drama based in Litchfield prison and the plot revolves around the lives of its inmates. After watching the show, I realized that the personalities of many OITNB characters are quite similar to my hostel mates’. So, I thought why not find out, if my hostel mates were in the show, which character they would be.

    1.The sanskaari one aka Sister Jane

    This is the girl whose Agarbhati’s and Tuesday morning aartis will consume the common room with its Godly spell. She comes with her very own pray station, which is quite popular in the exam seasons. This sanskaari one has to be Sister Jane from OITNB.

    2. The showstopper aka Taystee

    This one is the complete entertainment package; she is present at every Hostel party. She is fun to hang out with and she is invariably the queen of your impromptu Saturday night dance parties at the hostel. So, this showstopper has to be the amazing Taystee!

    3. The Gossip Girl aka Morello


    This is the one with the loud mouth and always in look out for some gossip. She is sly and smart and cunning like a fox. She’ll supply you with information on the bully’s and your rivals, but be sure to never trust her with your secret!  This Gossip girl will be none other than Lorna Morello.

    4. The cool Introvert aka Yoga Jones

    yoga jones

    These are the less social ones, whose life has always come across as a mystery. They are the smart,  artsy, kind, who just can’t take this girl drama. But, when you finally get to know them, you realize that they are kinda cool! This cool introvert definitely has to be the calm, Yoga-obsessed Jones.

    5. The hostel mommy aka Red


    She’ll give you the best advice, fix your torn pants and cuddle you when you are sad. She also won’t hesitate one bit to scold you when you go wrong. Oh and, she is extremely jugaadu. In short, this is the kind you need to look out for and be in good terms with for your benefit. Who better to do justice to this role than Red?

    6. The socialite aka Sophia


    She is the one you go to if you want in on all the cool parties in town. She is the social butterfly and the page-3 queen. She can make you look smokin’ hot for the party and you ought to go shopping with her. So, this one has to be Sophia.

    7. The experienced one aka Miss Claudette


    She may not be very social, but she sure is the wise one. If you ever get into trouble with the hostel authorities, it is her blessings that you need to seek. Grumpy old Miss Claudette is surely the experienced one in OITNB.

    8. The one with the troubled love life aka Piper Chapman


    You’ll often find this girl crying in the bathroom, or yelling on the phone in the corridors. Her phone is her best friend. The news of her troubled and happening love life spreads like wild fire and is often the center of discussion in your ‘Hostel Weekly.’ This girl has to be the troubled protagonist of OITNB, Piper Chapman.

    9. The bad girl aka Alex Vause


    This is the girl your mommy warned you to stay away from. Her intentions may not be always wrong, but she’ll be the one who’ll get you in trouble. If you need a drama-free life, you need to stay away from her like she is Satan’s spawn.

    10. The annoying warden aka Pornstache


    This is the warden, whose middle name is Authority. She’ll make sure your life is hell. She is the reason you run back to hostel well in time so you don’t have to face her wrath. C’mon, this one has to be Pornstache.

    11. The trouble maker aka Tiffany Doggett

    OITNB and Girls Hostels

    She is the most annoying girl on the floor and you’ll soon run out of curse words for her. She’ll make it her life’s mission to destroy you. Without further ado, this trouble maker has to be Tiffany Doggett!

    For those who stay in a girl’s hostel, good luck with that y’all. For those who don’t follow OITNB, were you under a rock all this while?! This also calls for some OITNB marathons in your hostel rooms!

    Do you think the characters are relatable? Tell us in the comments below.

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