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    ED Picture Story: The Famous Sagrada Familia Of Barcelona, Spain


    February 18, 2016

    By Preeti Kumari

    Ever been to Barcelona? Oh…all the football fans, I know that’s one of the dreams you nurture in your little hearts (I feel for you!). Well, but this is not to boast about the Barca team or the Camp Nou stadium.

    This is to take you to the most talked about architectural structure and a world heritage site – Sagrada Familia – in Barcelona.

    A virtual ride into the world of beautiful sculptures and artwork through my pictures is what we have in store for you.

    Sagrada Familia -a Roman Catholic Church – is one of the works envisioned by the genius Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. The church is under construction from last 133 years and it will be the tallest church on earth after its completion. But being in incomplete form, does not stop from it becoming a sight to behold.


    Bible Scriptures On Stone


    Sculptures Continue The Story

    Nativity Facade

    The sculptures designed display the birth of Jesus and the whole structure is built depicting different elements of life (The architecture is surely going to make you fall in love with it).


    Passion Facade


    Under The Canopy, Just Like Standing Amidst The Natural Greens


    Branching Out Like Trees


    It Is Only In The Sanctum Of Nature That You Are Closest To The God

    It seems like the whole structure is built to encompass the true meaning of faith i.e. God is nature and nature is God.

    The level of devotion and belief that the architectural design of Sagrada Familia displays will definitely inspire you to think about the entity- God (now that’s what is called a masterpiece, something that is able to inspire you). This is definitely a place that must be on your ‘bucket list’.

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