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    Be Like Goa, Goa Is Smart. It Implements The Uniform Civil Code


    February 10, 2016

    Goa, that is famous for its booze, beach and bikini (though don’t forget about Sunburn) is the only state to have the Uniform Civil Code. It is called Goa Family Law. While other states are engrossed in regional politics, Goa has actually done something to prevent discrimination on the grounds of religion.

    For the first time in their lifetime Indians would be like, “Goa se kuch seekho Beta”.

    Although Goa is NOT ENTIRELY uniform, but it is the first state to do so, therefore, we could cut some slack here.

    Also, democracy cannot prevail without uniformity.

    Let us see what exactly it is.


    In India, there are various personal laws which govern people and not everyone, but those who belong to a particular religion. These laws are purely matrimonial and family laws. For example, teasing your Muslim friend by saying “Tu toh 3 shaadi kr skta hai yaar!” (You are allowed to marry 3 times buddy) is quite common in a group of friends.


    This is because under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and other personal laws polygamy is prohibited.

    Uniform Civil Code means to unite all the personal laws and make a set of common laws which will govern people of all faith. If uniform civil code is enacted, then there would be a single book to guide all matrimonial and domestic disputes instead of different laws for different people.


    The pros are in abundance while the cons are far behind in the race.

    Following are a few basic reasons:

    1. Secularism

    India claims to be a secular nation. The word secularism is the most used word in 2015 after “intolerance”. To show secularism we should stop giving judgments on the basis of religion. Claiming is easy, implementation is not.

    2. No Tariq pe tariq

    Already over 3 crore cases are pending in Indian Courts. It takes time to study various personal laws and then reach to a conclusion. It will reduce burden on the Judiciary. And plus Sunny Deol won’t get angry in court :P

    3. Equality = No Religious Angle

    Right to Equality is one of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Remember “Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai”? Hindu-Muslim Equal Equal it should be.

    4. High time for GENDER JUSTICE

    Providing a strong uniform civil code will help better the situation of women which will in turn help the community’s progress. Inheritance of property is one of the areas in which Judiciary has failed to treat women at par with men. Let us not keep them behind.


    This is Goa

    Goa doesn’t discriminate on basis of religion

    Goa has uniform civil code

    Be like Goa.


    Image Source: Google Images

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