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    Your Search For The Perfect App Just Got Easier with Zappka: We’ve Liv’ED It


    February 20, 2016

    By Cherryy Chauhan

    If smartphones were automobiles then apps would be its steering wheel. The world of apps is a messy one. There’s an average of about 45 apps that are launched almost every hour! And it’s not just complex, but it almost becomes impossible to track down the desired one, only by toggling the search icon. Rescuing us from this crux, comes an app for all the apps and it’s called ‘Zappka’!

    Zappka is an android based app that provides a social platform for customizing app search results and displays the best apps, articles, blogs and videos according to your friends, colleagues, and family. It lets you discover free apps, top apps and, in fact, saves enormous chunks of time.

    So here’s how the app works itself out:


    So right after the app is installed from Google Playstore, a bright punch colored user-interface flashes right before us.



    After this, the next screen allows you to classify the apps that will further be hidden or shown to the circle of people with whom you’ll share your apps choices with. Okay simple enough.



    Moving on to the next screen you will witness a bunch of interesting profiles to follow which depends upon your interests.



    On proceeding further comes the real deal. The apps that you marked your interest in and the apps that you have already installed, Zappka, making that as a basis will pick out such similar apps on its home screen for you. Definite winner move!


    The highlighted star in the middle of the topmost bar indicates the apps that are most suitable and handpicked for you and grants some of the best app suggestions that there are. For example, I have Oyo rooms is installed on my smartphone, hence, there is a suggestion of Zo rooms. It is a little tricky to get hold of the home screen at once but once you do it, it becomes simpler from down there.


    The app allows you to follow other people who share the similar app choices as you. Not only that it also checks your location and suggests the best apps according to your area. It keeps on saving your preferences and serves its purpose with justice. So it’s about time that you check out this innovative app instead of running numerous searches on your Playstore to narrow down the desired app.

    The only drawback as far now is that the app isn’t made available for any other operating system except for Android . So according to ED the review of the app goes like:

    Criterion Rating (Out of 5)
    Concept 4.5
    Ease of Use 3.5
    Features 4

    So run the app in your Android smartphones and let us know how you felt while using it and if you think it does justice to its specified purpose. Happy Browsing!

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