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    Debut Of The Intel Broadwell EP Series


    April 19, 2016

     So, Intel just launched its new generation of Xeon ES-2600 v4 chips just a few days back which seems to be nothing short of a much better advent in terms of resources to the enterprise cloud hardware (trust me even I had to search like hell on this phrase).
     The chips were introduced at a lavish event in San Francisco along with some other major announcements for the enterprise cloud customers.
    The chips have been code-named as Broadwell-EP and range in performance from 2 gigahertz to 5 gigahertz. If I talk about the data consumed, then they (chips) have a consumption capacity of anywhere from 85 watts to 165 watts.
    They have been built on a 14-nanometer manufacturing process and encompasses around 20 percent more cores than the prior generation.
    Not only that, it avidly supports faster memory with other integrated technologies precisely designed to deliver better results.
    Cloud native Computing Foundation (CNCF) along with Intel announced a huge cloud application testing cluster.
    The cluster will house more than 1,000 Intel Xeon processor-based server nodes.
    These have a special ability to let the developers access their applications at a much larger performance and escalate their efficiency automatically.
    Intel announced that it is investing in maturing SDI solutions and making the cloud path easy to embark upon. It also has collaborations with leading cloud software and solution providers.
    The promise of cloud computing has already arrived but it is still at a very nascent stage.
    The major plus point that I see in this very particular sector is that even though it is a fairly new sector,  it is still attracting heavy investments (be it Hedvig, Aryaka, FusionOps, BetterCloud; all have been backed by the golden arms of the investors).
    The future looks very bright for these cloud computing firms.
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