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    Delhi During Monsoons: A Picture Story


    August 22, 2016

    For most North Indians, Delhi is their Mumbai. It is close to everywhere and almost every news starts from Delhi.

    This picture story will give you a feel of what Delhi’s monsoon actually looks like. So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s start!

    Imagine yourself on a rickshaw ride, where the puller is trying hard to balance out your weight with his force.

    Sun is nowhere to be seen and the cool breeze has occupied the surroundings.


    Clouds filled with H2O start surrounding the space above your head, just like a UFO about to land.


    And then it rains.

    And This Happens. *Splashes All Around*


    More Splashes.


    And here we can see how Yamuna river has changed its course.


    The sidewalk is now decorated with litter. (As if it wasn’t already so unhygienic)


    When Lord Indra Dev is satisfied with the sprinkling of his prasad on us, this is the scenery he gives us:


    Damn these silhouettes.


    The clouds made a little crack for the Sun to peek out from. (Taken from a moving metro)


    More Scenery.


    Trust me, this is Delhi only.


    This is how it looks like when the rain washes away all the dirt and it begins to dry.


    And how can one forget the luscious overgrown green grass which is so satisfying to looks at.


    This was it. If you have any pictures you want to add to this album, contact us.

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