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    DEvil : 5 Bollywood Horror Movies Which Qualify For Comedy Genre Instead


    August 31, 2016

    Be it any film industry in the world, horror is one genre which isn’t easy to do justice to. One loophole and BAM, horror movies move to another genre altogether. The ghost becomes the butt of jokes and guffaws replace screams!

    We introduced you to some Hollywood movies with weirdest objects as their focus, last week. Now, it is about time to dig into our very own B-town, only that this time the movies are weird instead of the possessed inanimate objects in them!

    Here is a list of some weirdly funny Bollywood horror movies to be ever made :

    1. Paapi Gudia


    Have you ever heard about this movie? In case you haven’t, then go ahead and hit Google to know more about this hilarious masterpiece. Except for the scary name, the movie has nothing to do with horror.

    Oh wait, something that’ll surely haunt you if you happen to watch this movie is (BODY SHAMING ALERT) Karishma Kapoor’s bushy eyebrows that almost touched her eyelids!

    And guess what, Shakti Kapoor played one of the lead roles. Isn’t it enough for the movie to lose its horror appeal, if it ever had any in the first place?

    2. Darwaza

    This movie is considered to be a landmark creation in horror cinema, confused why it makes it to this list then?


    It is because Darwaza is a perfect stress buster in the name of ‘horror’. Ramsay brothers could have been easily credited for bringing out the new genre of ‘comic-humour’ had the movie analysts of the time been honest to their profession.

    The movie created a lot of hype at the time of its release. First, the producers announced to award a cash price to any person who dares to watch the movie alone, and then rumours spread that a person who did meet the dare, lost life to a cardiac arrest.

    I guess the heart failure must have been due to the excessive laughter, if anything else.

    3. Saamri


    A stunner in its own sense! Saamri, a movie that was supposed to be a deadly horror turned out to be competing for laurels for the best comic movie ever produced by Hindi cinema.

    The plot is as insane as it can get. Saamri is a wealthy landlord who is murdered by his relatives for his wealth. His most trusted horrible looking bodyguard resurrects his soul and he scares the hell out of people or at least tries to. Lol.

    The funniest thing about the movie is that it was in 3D.

    4. Wo Kon Thi

    No one could trace ‘her’ out even after spending 2 ½ hours in the movie theatre. To me the movie seemed to be asking questions from the film watchers – if they had any idea about the female evil spirit.

    The introductory sequence, where a young woman asked for a ride from motor driver (who was traveling on lonely roads in the dead of night for no clear reasons) to drop her near a graveyard was where it all began.


    She disappeared singing a song ‘naina barse’. If in reality ghosts are that melodious, a tete-tete with one is definitely on the cards.

    5. House No. 13

    So this house, that was numbered 13 by the housing authorities, was haunted. When a family moved in there, evil stuff happened. The kinda evil that tickles your funny bone!


    This movie tops all charts of weird, the fake ‘Mona Lisa’ painting in bedroom of House No. 13 starts developing serious skin rashes in the name of evil happenings!!?!

    House No. 13 was a ‘horror’ movie?

    Even Mona Lisa disagrees!

    Such horror movies, much wow.

    Have more movies to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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