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    DEvil : 7 Objects Which Shouldn’t Be Focus Of A Horror Movie But Are


    August 25, 2016

    DEvil: Satanic, devilish and evil stories from around the world. Titillating stuff.

    Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, there is a long history of horror genre where haunted or possessed inanimate objects inspire guffaws instead of screams. While some of these films overcome their weird concepts, but others, uhhh, do not.

    Here is a list of some weirdest objects to ever be the focus of a horror movie. Some are the work of a ghost, some are the work of Satan, and some are just plain inexplicable!

    1. Bed in ‘Death Bed : The Bed That Eats’


    Yes, it is about exactly what it sounds like. In the opening scenes of the movie, a demon has sex with a woman, accidentally kills her and cries tears of blood, which hit the bed and cause it to come to malevolent life.

    For the next few centuries, the bed journeys around the world with its sidekick, a haunted painting (seriously), devouring unsuspecting people. And yes, the bed has a stomach underneath its sheets filled with acid strong enough to strip flesh off the bone. And yes, the bed can manipulate the sleeper’s dreams.

    And yes, this movie is actually 100% real and not a figment of my imagination!

    2. Laundry Press in ‘The Mangler’

    With a title like ‘The Mangler,’ you’d think the evil entity in the film would be something horrifying. But you’d be surprised : the Mangler is an industrial laundry press!

    Eventually, the main characters try to exorcise the Mangler, learn that it’s unstoppable thanks to accidentally ingesting antacids, and flee as it comes to life and starts chasing them (yep, seriously!).

    It’s impossible to truly hate any movie that has the gall to center around an evil laundry press that can’t be defeated but, ‘The Mangler’ sure does try!

    3. Refrigerator in ‘The Refrigerator’


    Okay so this movie gets serious points for having the nerve to actually exist. This is a movie about a killer refrigerator that contains a portal to Hell.

    Someone wrote it. Someone directed it. Actors interacted with the fridge and said their lines. Someone actually went and made a movie about an evil refrigerator, that my friends can never be undone!

    4. Video Game in ‘Brainscan’

    Here’s a scientific fact for you : video games transform young children into stone cold killers with a taste for blood. That’s the truth. Only one movie has ever dared to really explore this evil : ‘Brainscan.’

    Brainscan 1994 VHS 2

    The film fictionalizes the tragic manner in which games train kids how to be serial killers, making the game a tool of a demonic entity known as the Trickster, who doesn’t tell the children playing his game that the murders they’re committing on screen are actually real.

    If this story about haunted video games can convince parents to never buy their innocent kids a gaming console, then its existence is more than justified. Thank you, ‘Brainscan.’

    5. Telephone Hotline in ‘976-Evil’


    There was a time before cell phones and smartphones, before Skype and Google Voice. It was a simpler time, a time when the forces of Hell had to possess telephone services if they wanted to corrupt the souls of mortals.

    Yes, ‘976-Evil’ is a movie about a Satan-run advice hotline that transforms innocent callers into murderous psychopaths.

    (Lol, pretty sure someone has pitched ‘iEvil’ about a possessed iPhone app at least once.)

    6. Mars in ‘Ghosts of Mars’


    Okay, so I know this is a list of haunted “objects”, but when your haunting goes beyond a single location and starts occupying an entire planet, you’ve earned a spot.

    As the title implies, ‘Ghosts of Mars’ takes place on the fourth planet from the sun and follows a Space Cop and Ice Cube as they battle a horde of ancient martian ghosts who have possessed the bodies of a mining town. Enough said!

    7. Internet in ‘FeardotCom’


    The internet has done more good than harm, but the existence of ‘FeardotCom’ tips the scales close to the “harm” side of things.

    The film follows a detective trying to get to the bottom of a website that kills anyone who visits it within 48 hours. Here’s the big twist : the website was created by the ghost of a serial killer victim so she could extract revenge for being tortured for, you guessed it, 48 hours.

    So yeah, it’s a movie where a ghost designs a website that kills people. After all, if you can haunt the internet, you’re pretty much haunting the entire Earth. Wait, is this a ‘Ghosts of Mars’ sequel?!

    It’ll take another piece to list such ‘horror’ movies from Bollywood (yes, there are so many!)

    Got real scar(r)ed reading this, isn’t it? Lol.

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