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    RBI Cash Stolen in Filmy Style: Around 5.75 Crore Gone


    August 9, 2016


    We all have heard of great train heists, either in books or in films, where usually the protagonists, pull off impossible seeming heists and then they all end up living a comfortable and luxurious living in some beach town while sipping margaritas.

    But apparently, some people have taken too much inspiration from these Hollywood or Bollywood movies and have actually carried out a great train robbery.

    A train on its way from Salem to Chennai might seem like an innocuous thing, not to be given any attention, but when it is carrying approximately Rs.340 crore within it, well, suddenly, it becomes very interesting.

    That is exactly what happened.

    On a dark and dreary night of August 8, an unaccounted/unconfirmed amount of money that belongs to the Reserve Bank of India was stolen from a train travelling from Salem to Chennai.

    The officials had the contents spread over two compartments, but alas that was not enough to foil the plans of the gang behind the robbery, as when the train reached the Egmore station, the cops found that some of those boxes were missing.

    According to news sources, this seems to be the work of an gang that has had the time and resources to plan and then execute such a robbery which no one would have any clue about. Officials are still confused over how exactly the robbery was carried out.

    One might think why we are reporting such a kind of crime, well the point of interest was the nature of the robbery and how it was carried out.

    The point of entry was an actual hole in the roof of the car, which to be honest looks completely picked up from an action genre film.

    And this is not the first train robbery to have occurred in India, but it is certainly done with a pizazz.

    News sources: Internet/India Today/The Hindu

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