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    10 Reasons The Limited Edition Swift Deca Is Among The Best Cars To Be Launched This Year #PlayLike10


    September 6, 2016

    Here is a shout out to every car lover out there. Also, a shout out to every football lover out there. #PlayLike10

    Cars and football represent thug life of our modern generation. One may not own a house but they surely will have a car to commute and a TV to watch football match. Maruti Suzuki brings you Swift Deca, a car for football lovers. So the next time you get stuck in a traffic, feel like a celebrity. Because everyone will be staring at your Swift with an awe.

    • The Exterior:

    People will spare time from their busy schedule to stare at it


    It is sportier than ever. With red being its maiden colour similar to that of Liverpool’s jersey, it is eye catching and definitely reddish. Don’t worry, people won’t mistake it for an ambulance.

    • Music System cum Mobile Phone


    Don’t you hate it when you have to pull over to answer your phone? With a Bluetooth Music system it ensures that you don’t have to struggle much to answer a phone. Plus, the music system has a full touch screen which will help you tune in to the radio without making it hard to memorise the channel number. HOW COOL IS THAT!

    • It Will Assist You In Parking Your Car


    Parking a car is risky, especially when in reverse gear. The new Swift Deca has reverse parking assist system with camera. Now not only you will have a dent free car backside but also you won’t drive car like Salman Khan’s driver.

    • Sit Like A Royale With Front Arm Rester


    When life gives you arms, you need an arm rester. And Swift Deca ensures your arm a shoulder to rest on.

    • Speakers in Doors, Combined


    The car has Sony 6 inch speakers on the door. This would help in the equalisation of music for all seaters. Now the front seater won’t have to constantly up the volume on the demand of back seaters.

    • Classy Interior. Classier Than Men


    The best part of this car is the interior. Every time you enter the car you’ll feel like you’re going to a football match. With trendy floor mats, gear boot cover, handle cover and ambient lights, it makes sure that you feel nothing less than a sportsperson.

    • The Legendary Number 10


    History has it that the best players in the game have proudly carried the legendary number 10. It is beautifully and intricately embedded in the exterior surface of the car. And not just football, cricket also has legends associated with the number, e.g. 10dulkar. Need more reasons to PlayLike10 ?

    • The Legacy Of Swift


    The limited edition Swift Deca carries on the legacy of its maiden model: Swift. Swift is till now one of the most trusted cars in the country. And affordable too.

    • Mileage Lasts Longer Than Your Age


    With petrol’s mileage 20.4 KM/L and Diesel’s 25.2 KM/L, you won’t have to stop by frequently on petrol stations. Though you probably should, but only if you need to take a pee break.

    • Take It Away At Less Than 6 Lacs

    The petrol version of the limited edition Swift Deca comes at INR 594445. The diesel version is priced at INR 686983. It is cheaper than EcoSports, which looks nothing close to sporty.

    So who are you waiting for? Go grab it, and embark on a road trip with your friends or football enthusiasts.

    Check out their YouTube channel too.

    Swift Deca, Just #PlayLike10

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